TODAY   |  January 25, 2013

TODAY anchors reveal their #AMshortcuts

From shaving the night before to drinking instant coffee, the TODAY anchors share how they save time in the morning and reveal some of TODAY viewers’ best strategies.

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>>> time in the morning. got us thinking. drink a large glass of water the second you wake up. natalie, you say you do that.

>> i do do that, especially if i've had some wine the night before.

>> what's it supposed to do, boost your energy?

>> i drink it with supplements, vitamins or whatever. it helps rev you up in the morning, rehydrate you and some say boost your energy.

>> some viewers tweeted, brush your teeth in the shower, lay out your clotheses the night before. and willie set the world on fire .

>> shave the night before.

>> you can. you don't have a hair problem.

>> so you have to shave in the morning?

>> we're like weeds.

>> if you knick yourself, you can recover quicker. if you knick yourself at 4:00 in the morning --

>> it's kind of embarrassing but i drink instant coffee and i find it delicious, brought to you by starbucks.

>> you don't actually use a cup.

>> that's my next step.

>> she mainlines coffee.

>> that is strong, good instant coffee and i can make it really fast.

>> on that buzz feed list, people say take a bath rather than a shower, it's quicker because you don't get your hair wet.

>> it takes time.

>> you're in there for an hour.