TODAY   |  January 25, 2013

Collection of JFK photos, belongings on auction

Rare photos, artifacts, and other mementos owned by one of John F. Kennedy’s most trusted advisors and friends will be auctioned off in Massachusetts next month. TODAY’s Erica Hill reports.

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>>> we want to move on to decades of kennedy history that are about to hit the auction block. personal collection of photos, artifacts and mementos from one of president kennedy 's most trusted advisers. erica hill has that story.

>> fascination that america has with the kennedys, especially president kennedy , nearly 50 years after his death. hundreds of items that once belonged to the 35th president is creating major buzz. simple moments forever frozen in time, like these photos from 1963 , given to president kennedy 's best friend and special assistant, dave powers .

>> this was given to dave from jackie kennedy . this was given -- it says to dave powers , who gave the president so many of his happiest hours.

>> reporter: powers was jfk 's confidante for many years and remained loyal to the kennedy family until he died in 1998 .

>> mind blowing when you think how close this person was, how close this relationship was.

>> this is the actual schedule that was given to dave powers for the november of '63 trip to texas. 12:52 , parkland hospital . 1:00, my president is dead.

>> reporter: after kennedy's assassination, powers went on to head the kennedy library . the items more than 700 were part of powers' estate. among the pictures and memorabilia up for auction next month, jfk 's famed air force one bomber jacket .

>> this is a president whose presidency affects us still half a century later and everyone is very much aware of and, in many cases, mystified by the circumstances of his death.

>> reporter: each piece tells an intimate story, of a president, a husband, a friend, a father.

>> this is the birthday card that we have that was given to president kennedy from his son, john, which would have turned out to be the president's last birthday. and there it's signed john, xx.

>> and a piece of history just being told. that happens next month in boston just in time for president's day. savannah?

>> we'll have some of those items, including jfk 's bomber jacket here in the studio, monday on "today." look forward to showing you that.