TODAY   |  January 25, 2013

‘You like Jim better?’ Ravens coach pranks parents

As the parents of Jim and John Harbaugh, head coaches of the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, held a teleconference to talk about their sons facing off in the Super Bowl this year, John decided to call in and have a little fun with his parents before the big game.

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>>> with sibling rivalry set to reach new heights next weekend at the super bowl it was time to have a little fun with jack and jackie harbaugh. they got a suspicious call from baltimore.

>> our next question from john from baltimore. your line is open.

>> yeah. is it true that both of you like jim better than john?

>> john, how are you?

>> is that john harbaugh ?

>> yes, it was john harbaugh . when asked how they would like the super bowl to end, the parents said the diplomatic answer, they hope the nfl lets it be a tie between john's ravens and jim's san francisco 49ers , but not going to happen. tough