TODAY   |  January 24, 2013

The secret to the perfect homemade pizza

Ryan DePersio, chef and owner of “Bar Cara” in Bloomfield, N.J., demonstrates his trick for making homemade pizza with perfectly crispy crust and whips up three delectable pies with pancetta,  mushrooms and goat cheese, and prosciutto and eggplant.

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>>> in today's kitchen what's cook sng homemade pizza. everything tastes better when you make it yourself.

>> maybe not in your case.

>> pizza is easy to make, and can you get the kids involved. to share the secrets of a perfect pie , chef and owner of barcara. nice to see you. you already started.

>> what are we making?

>> we're making pizza. my restaurant has some of the best pizzas around. pat it around. leave your edges. lift it up. be gentle with it. we're going to do about a 10 to 11 inches. it will shrink a little bit. i'm done. all right?

>> me too.

>> now, can you buy the dough instead of having to make it?

>> you can buy the dough or just come to barcara. you know, we're going to put our toppings. you have mushroom spinach and goat cheese , and you have prosscuto and egg plant .

>> what am i doing? you're taking egg plant and putting it on?

>> all over or just --

>> around. leave an edge. you want to have a nice rim, all right? or a myself crust.

>> wash your hands before.

>> of course.

>> you know --

>> i have the running pie.

>> which is?

>> it's tomato sauce, pancetta and parmesan, and then we'll finish it with solata when it comes out of the oven. we're going to go around that.

>> i'm done. you guys are slow. i'm bored.

>> oh, look at you.

>> look at mine.

>> a little bit --

>> look at it.

>> around the edges.

>> how do you get those crispy?

>> olive oil will help. you know, depending on your dough recipe. all right? you use pizza flower and all purpose flour.

>> why not salt and pepper? no?

>> no.

>> exactly. fine.

>> you can put salt, but her --

>> no, we are not.

>> okay. great. should we bring ours too?

>> i'm just going to bring mine.

>> are you putting it on a stone. i don't want to buy a stone. i don't make enough pizza. can i put it on a rack?

>> you can put it on a sheet tray, but a pizza stone will make it crispier, which is what your question was before.

>> all right.

>> and then we have an array of pizzas.

>> so is this mine?

>> this is yours.

>> and finish with arugula, and then you'll have parmesan.

>> how long does this cook, by the way, in the oven?

>> probably in the home oven if you have convection about six, seven minutes. then you have the mushroom spinach and goat cheese .

>> i love truffle oil on anything.

>> just on top.

>> then i have rustica solada for mine.

>> thank you.

>> coming up, guess who is back tomorrow?

>> who?

>> you.

>> you are coming back for one more day.

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