TODAY   |  January 24, 2013

Beauty products for your 30s, 40s, 50s

As women age, skin and hair go through changes that require a beauty bag update. Bahar Takhtehchian of Shape magazine shares her picks for products that are essential for women of all ages.

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>> as we get older, the routines have to change as well. you're in your 30s. you have nothing to worry about. there are some things you have to be concerned with starting with your skin, right?

>> absolutely. in your 30s the wrinkles around your eyes and this one repairs the wrinkles and lifts the skin so there's no more sagging.

>> what about skin problems, is this a good one.

>> thankfully you don't need to use it at this stage in your life. this is from aveeno, ageless and has s pf30 and use it no matter your abge.

>> time to sperexperiment and be bold with colors and new things.

>> this great line with color and have a lot of fun and wear whatever color you want. i'm wearing this reptile nail polish , a snake skin pattern and you can have fun and make your skin a fashion accessory .

>> it takes a magnet over the top .

>> let's get to the 40s, this is my decade, a lot of talk about the bb cream and for the 40s, you should think about the cc cream. what does that mean?

>> cc stand for color and correction. in your 40s, there's pigmentation and this is total effects and what it does is similar to bb and color correction and long-time anti-aging benefits.

>> it has different colors in it.

>> yes and it's good for anti-aging.

>> and we have to think about lines and wrinkles.

>> exactly. sun damage becomes big and wrinkles apparent. you want to use a product that has retinol, like this one from roc. it is great and repairs these deep wrinkles. don't forget it has a primer and you do have lines and need to smooth out your skin.

>> sounds like a construction project , put the primer on and spackle.

>> helps make your makeup last longer.

>> now, we start getting grays around this time unfortunately. time to cover up.

>> you can cover up at home with this great product from revlon, luxurious color silk butter cream . ammonia-free and contains mango and shea butter and coconut and it will smooth out your hair as well.

>> sounds like dessert. here in the 50s, guess, are we talking 50s yet, key words to remember, moisture rise and correct.

>> the big issue is loss of elasticity. thankfully, there are great creams like this, full of promise an it's for volume and lift. put it on, has a unique protein complex that will naturally support your collagen.

>> sounds great. what is this cream for?

>> you notiitice your skin is dehydrated in the 50s and use it on top --

>> on top of the cream.

>> use it on top or separately.

>> and hair loses its volume.

>> everything loses volume. thankfully, pan team defines every strand and is thickening.

>> don't forget the hands because the hands really show the age, right?

>> exactly. clinique came out with this hand cream and removes discoloration and plumps up your skin with hydrogenic acid.