TODAY   |  January 24, 2013

Warm up a cold night with hearty winter stew

As temperatures continue to dip well below zero in much of the country, a stick-to-your-ribs winter meal really hits the spot. Allie Lewis Clapp of Bon Appetit shares her recipes for chorizo and white bean stew and white bean and pasta soup.

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>>> in "today's" kitchen, what's on the menu, hea hearty soup, just what we need on this cold day . a a people are intimidated about soup and think it takes all day.

>> it's a great weekend activity and the key is using canned beans.

>> i can't believe it from bon appetite , we can use canned beans?

>> today we are.

>> it's one stop shopping and go to the grocery store and use two different soups?

>> sure. absolutely. one of the things about beans, they take on any flavor you give the them.

>> tell us about this recipe.

>> this is in the skillet and you can slice this out. you pull this out.

>> you're just browning it or cooking it?

>> cooking and stir it at the end and thyme and garlic, nice and fragrant. it's really as simple as putting in some can ned beans. you rinse them off. you know how they come in that liquid. rinse it off.

>> sure. i'm always making beans.

>> they come in liquid. then some beans and chicken broth . this is so super simple. a lot of this you keep in your pantry. there are amazing white beans, on the weekend, put them in water overnight but you don't have time during the week.

>> could you use any sausage you wanted.

>> i add spice to it. this is for fresh chorizo. the spanish one is skinnier, has more flavor in terms of that spice. this is like garlic and chiles. you can use i ttalian sausage and the one thing about sausage someone else did the work putting in all the flavor.

>> i like it. you have simmering over here.

>> exactly. baby spinach from the supermarket. you fold that in and that chorizo you sliced up, dump it right in.

>> sure.

>> this will wilt down pretty quickly. this is more of a stew than soup, i guess. it's healthy. you have your veg, beans and meat and all-in-one skillet. not too much to clean up. i feel like you could handle this.

>> i actually feel i could handle this, shockingly. how long do you cook this?

>> just until the spinach wilts down which is happening particularly slowly right now. spoon it into bowls. this looks more like a salad than a soup.

>> we can wait.

>> trust me on this.

>> i do. i totally trust you. you have another recipe, we won't go through the whole process, basically, you're using the same white beans.

>> the same white beans again. if you don't eat meat and feeling lighter, onion and celery and garlic and canned tomato and fresh tomatoes and white beans. for the last 10 minutes , put in soup pasta, which have amazing names. farfilini.

>> you had me at farfilini. and the gang is here. i don't think it's terribly intimidating. i will make some soup tonight. thank you so