TODAY   |  January 09, 2013

Beauty rehab? Correct last month’s bad habits

Did last month’s primping and indulging give you a major beauty hangover? Leah Wyar, beauty director for Cosmopolitan magazine, shares some ways to rejuvenate your hair, nails, skin and more.

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>>> time for today's beauty. boy do we need some. we're taking you from last month's craziness to crazy gorgeous for the new year.

>> if you fried your hair or are feeling bloated, we have tips to get you back into feeling beautiful. cosmo's beauty editor.

>> hey, girl. good to see you.

>> thank you.

>> fix our fried hair, shall we?

>> holiday is the height of hair damage, so you want to replenish your proteins that you've lost from frying it. we're going to take a scoop of this protein mask. does somebody want to mix? one scoop of the protein mask. then we're going to do a couple of drops of moroccan oil, then put it on, cover it with a shower cap .

>> comb through?

>> sit for your favorite tv show , 30 minutes once a week and you'll have awesome heair.

>> do you use it?

>> i do. it's a good one. nails, holiday manicures are actually really tough on your nails when you take them off because the glitter scrapes off the protective layer. what you want to do a couple times a day if you can is massage in a cuticle cream or cuticle oil. we're going to massage it in, and the massaging action -- you can do it while you're watching tv .

>> doesn't take off the polish you have on.

>> the massaging brings up nutrients, helps the nail go stronger. if you're seeing brittle nails , you want to do a strengthening dream every night for a week, seven days straight.

>> sun burn .

>> you're not. a lot of people did, tried to get as much sun as they could.

>> that's the problem, because in the winter we have a harder time repairing our skin because we're out of practice. we want to do antioxidant rich face cream . this by fresh. it's really great. vitamin c .

>> afraid we're going to steal it.

>> it will keep it moisturized.

>> lotus extract?

>> yes. even on damp skin.

>> washing your face sometimes at the end of the day is one of those things you do a so-so job.

>> when you've hit the pillow with makeup, the next day you want to do a deep cleansing facial double exfoliation. start by washing your face, get the surface stuff off, then go back in with a peel pad and deposit the acid acids.

>> goes on your face, you leave it there?

>> this one you're going to put your finger in then rub it all over.

>> got it.

>> all seems simple, too.

>> we have less than a minute. tell us what we have here.

>> salty foods, wake up with puffy eyes , bloating. chug two glasses of water. a frozen eye mask feels really good on the skin, then you're going to dry brush your body like you're brushing your hair.

>> hoda goes to a place where they do that.

>> it's really good for circulation.

>> too much coffee, too much wine, we're going to get a dental cleaning this year, get that fresh start . then do crest 3d white.

>> ready, one, two, three.

>> oh, that's good.

>> that's mean, jerry, by the way.

>> thank you, sweetie.

>> thanks so much.

>> jenna elfman is going to be here scene big ann from "mob wives."

>> and results about our skin.