TODAY   |  January 09, 2013

Learn the secrets of how rich people think

Steve Siebold, author of the new book “How Rich People Think,” has interviewed hundreds of millionaires and billionaires. He joins TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda to share four of his tips.

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>>> we all think about it from time to time, what would we do if we won the lottery?

>> i did when i found you, hoda.

>> everyone dreams of being rich, but most think it could never happen to them.

>> self-made millionaire steve seibold tells you how to get started in that quest in his new book called "how rich people think."

>> steve , steve , steve . nice to see you. hoda is taking homage with you.

>> talking about how it's sort of a mindset. i know people watching and other people at home are working double shifts and struggling. you're saying being rich is in your brain and mindset and how you think. that may be a tough pill for people to swallow.

>> it's about seeing money through the eyes of abundance and freedom and unlimited opportunity as opposed to fear and scarcity. that's where most of us are trained and brain washed to think about money.

>> give us an example of that. how does a rich person look at money? what do they see?

>> lots of it.

>> available out there in the universe?

>> it's everywhere. especially with the recession, total chaos in the economy.

>> they see opportunity.

>> where there's chaos, there's opportunity. i think more fear, what if i can't get a job, lose my job, if i get fired.

>> how do you get over the fear?

>> it's a big leap. you have to expand your consciousness and thinking by getting beyond how rich people think. that's why i wrote the book.

>> if i'm barely able to pay my bills and people are saying save money and i'm just barely making it, how is that person going to take something from your book, what should they be doing?

>> focus on earning. saving is great, but if you're making $50,000, you're going to live to be 300 years old to be rich. focus on earning. that's what the wealthy do. look for problems to solve. there's 3 million millionaires in the united states alone. they are the biggest buyer of personal services and products in the world.

>> become indispensable to somebody?

>> help them. start a pool service, lawn care service, real estate business, insurance firm , anything.

>> i am going to bring it on monday as my favorite thing. my friend jacky, they are an amazing italian family, started their own restaurant and foods now and it's fantastic. they are making a new living at it.

>> it's the story of america. this is what built this country, ingenuity.

>> no wine, just sauce.

>> what can other people -- what are other things people can do, just practical takeaway things. you say saving is impractical. look for a job that fits into somebody else's world, but what's something else?

>> look at your skill sets, your educations, passions, interests, and say what problem could i solve with the skills, passions, and interests i currently have and look to those problems and see if you can start a business or service company solving those problems. it's that simple. it's not complicated.

>> if i think i'm a failure, i will be a failure?

>> yeah.

>> value of positive thinking , it is important. your mindset is important.

>> i like you fine, steve .

>> steve , thank you very, very