TODAY   |  January 09, 2013

5 ways to rekindle your romance in 2013

Resolutions aren’t just for trying to get in shape or quit bad habits – the new year is also the perfect time to resolve to reignite the spark in your relationship. Dr. Laura Berman, host of “In the Bedroom with Dr. Laura Berman,” shares her tips for revamping your romance.

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>> let's send it over to natalie.

>> thank you, guys. this morning on "today's" relationships, rekindling the romance. new year's resolutions aren't just about trying to lose weight or kicking a bad habit. they're also a great way to re-energize your sex life . laura berman is host of "in the bedroom with dr. laura berman ." good to see you.

>> nice to be here.

>> a lot of people make new year's resolutions. you say we should be practicing this year round and really encouraging us to take a good look at our relationships?

>> absolutely. you always have to kind of revisit the natural course of every relationship with our busy lives. they tend to veer off course. it's important to re-energize things, especially if you want a long-term, monogamous relationship .

>> what are problems that couples are having?

>> it's really about -- we get lazy, that can go on the back burner. there are simple things you can do right now to jump-start things, to recommit that don't take a lot of work, but do take commitment.

>> five resolutions starting with set a weekly date night.

>> you've heard this before. i don't mean a date night where you go to the movies or out with other couples. you have to talk about things other than diapers and bills and you have to find things to discuss. a lot of couples in long-term relationships think what would we talk about? talk about where you see yourself in ten years or how your partner doesn't make you feel loved.

>> you say make it a priority.

>> if you take a vacation alone together, research has shown even if you just go away for a few days once or twice ayear alone, that does more for your intimacy and connection.

>> share your fantasies with your partner?

>> yes.

>> what are we talking about?

>> we get scared of that. rules of the road . share the ones you would like to act out together, maybe even agree to write them down and put them in a little box and once a month pull one out and try them out. it's a way to keep things energized and interesting.

>> start kissing again, really quickly?

>> this is a big one for women. kissing goes by the wayside in a long-term relationship. if you do what i call a nondemand kissing where you could just kiss for a while with no expectation of it going anywhere else, you will see a spike, especially in the woman's libido. if you give each other a ten-second kiss twice a day rather than that quick peck when you're walking in and out of the door, that does a tremendous amount for your connection and sort of keeps those fires that -- women have especially to slow burn . they can't go from zero to 60.

>> dr. laura berman , great advice as always and more resolutions for couples on our website