TODAY   |  January 09, 2013

Laura Dern makes surprise plaza appearance

Actress Laura Dern didn’t have a scheduled segment on TODAY this morning, but she wiggled her way to the front of the plaza crowd with a homemade sign. She got the attention of Al Roker, who brought her inside Studio 1A for an impromptu chat about the new season of her HBO show, “Enlightened.”

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>>> a new way of booking the show, al.

>> people show up at the window.

>> if you're a celebrity, show up at the window and we'll put you on the show.

>> america, this is what you need. stand out there and you will end up coming in.

>> with a handmade sign.

>> with a sharpie otherwise it's too promotional.

>> starting sunday 9:30. our producer, debbie, huge fan. natalie is a huge fan.

>> and you won the golden globe last year for your role.

>> wre.

>> exciting.

>> it's so great.

>> what is it like when you've got a show like that, that people are so passionate about?

>> well, it's incredibly exciting, particularly because everyone keeps saying, you know, we don't know what she's going to do next. and it's a wonderful, sub versive tactic. thank you, hbo, for letting us do it in that she does become a whistleblower this season in her corporation. so just when you think it's dangerous to let someone have a voice, in fact, you are right but really great things can happen ultimately. it's a lot of fun.

>> you join a list that includes james brown , shaquille o'neal and george clinton .

>> show up at the window.

>> which of these things is not like the other?

>> enlightenment, sunday night.