TODAY   |  January 09, 2013

Martha Stewart cooks up favorite meatless meals

If the new year has prompted you to think about shifting to a more veggie-heavy diet, Martha Stewart is here to help. She shares a few recipes from her new vegetarian cookbook, including mini broccoli and pasta casseroles; linguine with toasted almonds, parsley, and lemon; and grilled asparagus and ricotta pizzas.

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>>> this morning on martha on "today," we're talking about meatless meals. if you think that a more vegetable based diet is boring and blah, martha stewart says you should think again, out with a brand new cookbook called meatless. martha, good morning. great to see you.

>> if the dogs ate the vegetarian meals, they would be better behaved.

>> i need a drink. i may drink this olive oil .

>> healthy.

>> this is a healthier version of mac n cheese . are my kids going to like it?

>> they'll love it. kids love broccoli.

>> yeah.

>> do your kids love broccoli?

>> they do. they really do.

>> combination of skim milk, little bit of ground mustard for zing, little bit of flour and raw onion.

>> easy to make?

>> yeah. to that you add parmesan cheese , low-fat or skim ricotta.

>> cuts down a little more on the calories.

>> it does. some salt and pepper . not too much. read the paper today, too much salt, you know. we have to cut back on salt.

>> everything in moderation.

>> and eight ounces of fusilli.

>> whole wheat fusilli?

>> yes. steamed or blanched broccoli. chop up the stems nice and thin so they're nice and tender.

>> you're not bashful with the broccoli? you put a lot of it in?

>> tons. look. it's more broccoli actually than pasta.

>> great.

>> once that's done you can put a little bit of that in a dish and top it with bread crumbs.

>> because kids like textures.

>> they do.

>> just a taste. i wish my daughter, romy, were here to taste this. she's the expert.

>> crunchy, healthy, delicious. what do you think?

>> good. really good.

>> this book is great. what it does is focus all of us on eating less meat. if you eat less meat you're probably going to prevent -- or help prevent cancer, heart disease , obesity, nervousness. all kinds of things.

>> let's move on here.

>> this is just a great, linguini with toasted -- this is cooked. toasted almonds. almonds are very good for you, very high source of protein. lemon zest . lots of parsley. this is a modified kind of pesto.

>> it sounds like pesto.

>> but you're not grinding it up with a whole lot of olive oil . lemon juice . pasta water just for moisture.

>> i'm going to sample this one, too.

>> little bit of almond oil . taste that one, too. what do you think?

>> this is a little harder to eat, but --

>> i love -- don't get it on your beautiful tie.

>> i like it because you have a lot of lemon flavor in there. very light.

>> crunchy tasty.

>> after you.

>> this is fun, a stove top pizza. you can make pizza on the grill. we started out years ago. but you can also make it on the stove top grill.

>> it comes out really great and quick, too.

>> yep. we have a piece of yeast dough, pizza dough, which you can buy or home make.

>> okay.

>> brush that with a little bit of olive oil , top it with ricotta cheese .

>> is it a main course or appetizer?

>> you can eat a whole one, like a main course , with a salad. it's good. you can grill them and don't forget the branlanching part. i like to blanch them first. top with the grilled asparagus. kids can make their own.

>> you don't flip that over now.

>> no, no, don't flip it over. and now this is an avocado beat and orange salad.

>> why do you like this baby spinach?

>> i love spinach. i love it. i grow a lot of spinach in my greenhouse all winter long and i love avocado.

>> they're in the stores now. oh, gosh. i just got back from florida. there are so many avocados.

>> talk to me about the dressing room.

>> olive oil , two tablespoons of orange juice .

>> that's it?

>> yep. beats that have been roasted, peeled and cut up. and add those right at the end.

>> here is the part of the --

>> i love this. you know how to get the oranges out of the salad?

>> this almost feels like a spring salad yet it's perfect for this time of year.

>> no, no, it's winter. oranges and beats are wintry. toss that up. i can use this whole bowl. i don't know about you.

>> sunflower seeds?

>> as many as you like. little bit of fresh ground pepper , salt.

>> in moderation.

>> and croutons.

>> if you want, you can add some croutons.