TODAY   |  January 09, 2013

An insider’s look at Studio 1A prep kitchen

E!’s Jason Kennedy heads behind the scenes of what may be the most important place in the TODAY studio: the prep kitchen. He gets a tour from Bianca Henry, director of culinary production, to check out where the magic begins for the beautiful dishes featured on TODAY.

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>>> behind the scenes tour of our program, jason kennedy has found one of our favorite spots, the prep kitchen.

>> that's where all those beautiful dishes are made every single day that you see on the air. this is bianca henry. she runs the ship down here. hello. you'll give us a little tour in a second, right?

>> we're ready for you.

>> before we do that, let me break it down. basically every day a big truck pulls up to that door right there, full of all types of different things, produce, food. they load it right here. let me give you the grocery list for today alone, fresh gingerroot, six pounds of that, pound of raw almonds, pound of ground turkey. that's just for today. so you guys don't mess around here, right?

>> we don't mess around. the prep is ready to go upstairs for the morning segment.

>> introduce us to your team.

>> the best food team in the business. ali a ali.

>> two refrigerators, two freezers and these ovens.

>> what's the secret before we get into the ovens? you make it look so good and it tastes so good. what's your secret to that?

>> we picked up a few tips from our guest chefs.

>> and this is how you crank it out? can i have a cookie?

>> yes.

>> hands off the cookies, jason. see you after your local news.