TODAY   |  January 09, 2013

YouTube sensation lost 140 pounds through yoga

After physical demands of the military left former paratrooper Arthur Boorman with a cane and braces, he began packing on the pounds and wasn’t able to shed them until he began doing yoga. NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports on his amazing transformation, which has garnered more than 7 million hits on YouTube.

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>>> back now at 8:20 with our special series new year new you. a lot of people make resolution to lose weight during the new year. we hope you will get inspired by people who have done it in dramatic fashion. a paratrooper whose weight loss has become an online sensation. kerry sanders has his story. good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. yoga can increase your flexibility, build your strength and it can relax you. in arthur borman's case, it literally changed his life. as you'll see, he has changed his life in ways that he never thought possible. now he has that video. millions of people have seen it. someone sent it to me on my facebook page. his physical and emotional transformation will inspire you. with more than 7 million hits on youtube, arthur borman's physical transformation is shocking and inspiring. 15 years ago, arthur was a paratrooper in the military. physical demands of the job took a toll on his back and legs, leaving him with canes and braces.

>> i gained a lot of weight.

>> what do you call a lot of weight?

>> at my absolute heaviest i weighed somewhere over 340 pounds. i couldn't give you an exact figure. we had to approximate my weight because i couldn't weigh myself on one scale.

>> reporter: as the pounds added up, his emotional state fell apart.

>> there was many, many times i was truly disgusted what i had become. when furniture gives weigh underneath you, when you can't do things that everyone else can do --

>> reporter: and his health was declining.

>> i was at a point in my life where i fully expected to die. i was having difficulty moving, difficulty standing up. i had actually gotten to a point where i could not drive a car.

>> reporter: after numerous failed diets and exercise regimens, arthur was looking online for pain management when he came across a yoga dvd by an unlikely instructor, former wrestler diamond dallas page .

>> i was watching the youtube clips and i said to myself, i can do that. i didn't have to stand up or go some place to do this. i thought, okay, i can give this a try. this could work.

>> reporter: arthur bought the dvd online.

>> when i first saw the pictures of arthur with the knee brace and the back brace and the wrap-around canes, i was like, wow, i want to help that guy. you know?

>> reporter: and the two became close with arthur updating dallas on his progress and dallas encouraging him, all online.

>> did he have that discipline to actually do it? and he did. i was blown away by his results every month. i was like, wow!

>> reporter: and arthur 's results are impressive. and today you can take your foot and --

>> yep.

>> reporter: his amazing weight loss of over 140 pounds over ten months and from using a cane to walk to actually running, all videotaped and posted online.

>> actually, i started rolling the camera because i was afraid it wouldn't work.

>> and let's bring it down.

>> reporter: arthur , who invited me to balance in a yoga position with him, says he hopes others will be motivated by his inspiring story.

>> by sharing my story, i'm hoping that i inspire d other people. i don't view what i did as impossible or extraordinary. i think that anyone can do what i did in any aspect of their life.

>> now arthur also cut out the junk food . if you're thinking about trying what he did, especially if you're thinking about doing something like this, consult your doctor before you do it. back to you guys.

>> namaste, kerry.

>> all of us to do yoga.

>> we were trying.