TODAY   |  January 09, 2013

Royal birthday: Duchess Catherine turns 31

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expected to take some private time to celebrate Kate’s 31st birthday. In a few months the royal couple will be moving into Kensington Palace to prepare for their first child. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>> and the mother-to-be, duchess of cambridge, plans to spend her day out of the public eye -- microphone problem. michelle, can you hear us? good morning.

>> reporter: hi there. yes. the palace will say only that the royal couple will spend this birthday before kate becomes a mother privately, possibly at the remote cottage in wales. bring her the gift of her first child and not one, but two palatial homes, one of which actually is a palace. kate and william will steal some private time for her day. that may be her most precious gift right now, as the birth of their royal heir approaches. the world watching, their lives about to change. as thrifty and normal as kate 's image has been, she's about to make a major princess move, literally. in just a few months, she and william are expected to move into a 20-room apartment here at kensington palace . for kate , that means a major redecoration project, including, of course, a nursery. but another enormous present is expected to come from the queen. another dream home. this ten-bedroom country estate, giving will and kate , plus one, one more escape from an ever brighter spotlight. it h tracking all of the duchess' fashion. she seems to favor blue. and the average diameter of her curls, 2.5 centimeters. does perfection matter to anyone? why does anyone care so much?

>> because she represents us. practically unlike any other woman or any other person in the world we have access to twitter account or website, she has no public voice. her clothes are often one of the main ways she has of communicating.

>> reporter: her style convey the image of britain --

>> it will be interesting to see how she conveys that bump. and what the child is wearing. will she do the princess diana thing of putting them in their baseball caps ?

>> reporter: even now, kate is making her own decisions.

>> i think it's the stylist picking out the clothes that would not put the shoes she's wearing --

>> i think that's the telltale sign. that is what makes it work.

>> kate will also have her first official portrait unveiled this year. odd birthday worry. today in northern ireland , the british flag , in honor of kate , will be flown above bolfast city hall , an issue that sparked some serious unrest there lately. many are watching that and hoping that this day will be as peaceful as it is uncharacteristically sunny and beautiful. back to you guys.

>> i guess the weather is celebrating kate 's birthday.

>> don't you notice it's always beautiful in london when michelle