TODAY   |  January 09, 2013

Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliners raise safety concerns

The sparkling new Boeing 787 jets encountered problems over two days at Boston’s Logan Airport, with one leaking about 40 gallons of fuel onto the tarmac shortly before takeoff on Tuesday and another catching fire on Monday. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> claim that u.s. officials doubt.

>>> nbc's ron mott is at logan national airport in boston . good morning.

>> reporter: good morning to you. double trouble for japan airlines and boeing over the past 48 hours here at logan as both companies investigate exactly what went wrong. two days in a row at boston 's lo logan airport , a japan airline's jet has landed in the news. on tuesday, a new 787 full of passengers and already headed toward the runway had to turn back to the gate after pilots learned jet fuel , about 40 gallons, was spilling from the left tank on to the tarmac. monday, a different 787 parked at the gate following a flight emptied of passengers and crew began smoking. a fire down below that ntsb and boeing investigators have traced to the auxiliary power battery unit.

>> a condition in the avionics department that included the batteries and some of the electronic equipment .

>> reporter: according to reports, one firefighter was injured battling monday's fire. boeing said of the fire, quote, nothing that we've seen in this case indicates a relationship to any previous 787 power system events, which involved power panel faults elsewhere in the afl electrical equipment bay. clearly, this is not the pr they dreamed about.

>> i'll fly on a 787 any time. i have absolute confidence in the airplane. there are going to be teething problems with a new airplane. it's quite common.

>> reporter: in light of all of this, united airlines says it will examine its fleet of 787s, looking for any signs of trouble. natalie?

>> ron mott in boston . thanks so much, ron .