TODAY   |  January 08, 2013

Surf’s up! Check out 2013’s wacky exercise trends

If your New Year’s resolutions included getting fit and trying new things, have we got a segment for you! Three training experts, in indoor surfing, TRX and belly dancing, teach KLG and Hoda the basics of their trendy workouts.

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>>> to keep you going in the gym. our first bore dom buster is called indoor surfing. whatever that is. mark santa maria is the national group fitness member.

>> what's up, hoda?

>> what's this thing called?

>> we've got this new launch this week. surf set, and sand. we are surfing just without the waves. i'm going to show you the pop-up move.

>> the point is to work your core?

>> the point is to work the whole body, but the core is huge. ure paddling out. do your pop-up.

>> pop up.

>> you're going to take a foot forward and then stand up and ride that wave.

>> okay. looks very simple. sfoo we're going to do it together.

>> stay here and help me. where are you going?

>> you're going to lay on your belly. paddle it out. then bring your hands right on to that cushion part, and then lift yourself. like a push-up. you got it, mama. right up. bam. then take a leg up. it's almost like a yoga move. got it. you got it. you got this.

>> this is so easy.

>> it's so easy. it's just like surfing just without the water. nice. good. now, pretend you're going to ride that wave. sit low. you got you. you're rocking. you're rocking. stay there. pretend you're riding that wave. now hold the sand bag . grip it, and i'll toss it to you.

>> really?

>> i'm on the shore. i'm your lifeguard. you are working out. surf is up.

>> this really does work the abs.

>> it works your entire core. lower back, abs, your six-pack.

>> i'm sweating. i think i burned four more calories. let's go over to, who is it, sara downstairs.

>> thanks, hoda. next up we've got the boring busters i think it's called, and we've got trx . i'm here with lisa who is a master trx instructor, correct? what is trx ?

>> first of all, trx is a training company, and we have product, gear, and programming and education, and our focus is on improving human movement .

>> and this stuff you go k get. i remember -- wasn't this created by someone who said could you take it and do it anywhere?

>> can you do it anywhere. the suspension trainer was created by a navy s.e.a.l., and it's perfect for new york, small spaces.

>> let's make sure we get some of this.

>> perfect. what we're going to do first is go ahead and put your right into the left. sar yea is a pro, so we're going to spin to our knees.

>> pro say stretch.

>> it's more of a advanced option. she's been on the suspension trainer before. hands and shoulders. lift your hips. tuck into a tight crunch.

>> i can feel that in my abs.

>> do a couple of reps of that. the next up is trx pike. lift your hips up over your shoulders and come back down.

>> now, i can feel that in my shoulders.

>> it's all core all the time, sarah. the trx trains strength, moneyibility, flexibility and balance.

>> could you have this at home, right?

>> the new home kit actually comes with some downloadable workouts that you can streamline, put on your mobile device , and it's like having a private trainer when you are aat the park, at your house.

>> can you make modifications to make this easy or amp it up.

>> it's for all levels. we got one more for you. your hands will come down, and you'll do the atomic push-up. you'll come down into a press keeping your plank. lift your hips. tuck your legs in, and come back out.

>> that's going to leave a mark.

>> it's fast, efficient. it's total body.

>> thank you so much. lisa, that was an awesome workout. okay. going to kathie.

>> all righty. now number three in our bore dom busters ballywood. we have two beautiful ladies who will tell us what we're going to be doing. what's your name, please?

>> agil zoosh i'm pria.

>> obviously this is all about wonderful kind of dancing we see on the bollywood movies and slum dog millionaire.

>> it's based on bollywood. we really take a fitness approach to it. every time you squeeze your muscles, you are jumping and swinging. you are working muscles, burning calories. most importantly, having fun .

>> having fun . let's show us a little bit, please.

>> okay. let's start with the knee lift. we're just going to go up and up and up. it's a fun part that's adding the arms. big clap up. it's a full body workout, right? that's it. and this is -- we're doing it right here.

>> this thing.