TODAY   |  January 08, 2013

5 new gadgets to help you get in shape fast

Shape Magazine’s Bahar Takhtehchian shows Kathie Lee and Hoda on some fun and effective tech toys to help you get in shape, including a waterproof MP3 player and a zombie game.

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>> okay. it's time for today's tech, and the newest gadgets to make it easier it and more fun to get in shape.

>> from the gps watch that tracks your calories with ease to an mp3 player that works under water. editor at large of " shape magazine " is here with cool tools.

>> speaking of cool, shall we just get towelled off a tad, hoda woman?

>> do you mind?

>> no, of course not.

>> you do it, please. thank you.

>> as we're getting dabbed, we are wearing -- thank you, sweetie. we are wearing these calorie counters, which mine is broken, but anyway, they read the calories. can anyone get one of these and stick them on their waist band and really get the --

>> absolutely. these are the fit bit one. these are a wireless activity tracker. essentially you put it on like you ladies did. it's going to tell us how many steps you take, how many stairs you climb and calories you burn.

>> but we put them on right before we start the show.

>> we slur did.

>> i guess it sdent really matter who is in the front right now. sfoo we're going to show it throughout the course of this segment as well.

>> keeps you competitive, which is it keeps you motivated.

>> there's an app that i've been hearing a lot of buzz about called the charity app.

>> charity mile.

>> tell us about that.

>> it's amazing. it's this free app you download on your phone, and basically it's combining fitness and philanthropy in one. you decide which charity you want to donate your money to, anything from autism speaks to feeding america, and then you decide if you want to bike, run, or walk. every time you bike, you earn 10 cents per mile. every time you run or walk, 25 cents per mile.

>> that's nice.

>> you are making a big difference doing something good for yourself.

>> that's great.

>> doing something good for others too.

>> there's another weird app out there. it has to do with zombies.

>> somehow jerry.

>> it's not even halloween.

>> it's called zombies run, and this is like a very interactive app. basically it's a fun audio book plus a fitness game.

>> it's weird.

>> the minute you put your headphones in --

>> i don't get it.

>> jerry has had practice.

>> you are being thrown into this post-apocalyptic world where you are being chased by zombies, and you have to run away and save yourself and save the world .

>> and thus shed some calories.

>> exactly.

>> let's bring out the waterproof mp3 player . lauren has got it. lauren , tell us about that.

>> so, lauren is wearing the water proof mp3 player . this is great for swimmers who want to listen to music while they are swimming.

>> it's great.

>> that's cool. very cool.

>> it can store up to 1,000 songs, four gigabytes, and it's water proof up to three meters. you won't be bored when you are swimming laps. mroo where you do get her thighs? that's what i really want.

>> thanks, lauren .

>> finally, we have danielle, and she's out here. she's got a gadget for us.

>> danielle is wearing the set starter. this is a gadget for interval training . it's all about high intensity and low intensity workouts, but timing is so key. this goes on your thumb. it keeps you on schedule. if you listen closely , it beepz every 15 seconds or so or whatever time you want, and that's going to let you know that it's time to move on to your next set.

>> thank you.

>> unlike stop watches and stuff, you don't have to look at the watch. it's going to give you audio cues.

>> you would say burn a calorie if you lifted it up zoosh would i love to know how our calorie burning is going right now.

>> let's take a look, shall we?

>> really. come on now. oh.

>> oh, my.

>> you know what, something is