TODAY   |  January 08, 2013

How to replace calories from wine, Champagne

TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda are giving up wine in order to get in better shape. Julie Bain from Ladies’ Home Journal shares some healthy and not-so healthy alternative foods to replace all those calories they’re missing from their favorite beverage.

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>> how about that cake we had lion? half of it is still sitting there.

>> so delicious.

>> we're back with more of "today" on this special workout tuesday. it's a bittersweet day around here because we are dwegt healthy, but we've also promised to give up wine on the show for a month.

>> wait a second. i just want to comment on something. the calories burned according to that thing says i burned 94, and you have burned 140?

>> sounds about right.

>> that's rude. i can't believe this is actually happening. all those liquid calories really do add up, so here to show us what we could have instead is the woman who made us give up the whole entire thing. julie bane, the health director of "ladies home journal."

>> i hate her.

>> we're kind of genls you, julie, at this point.

>> hi.

>> you are going to show us the cover first and foremost, or no?

>> of course, it is.

>> we have a reveal.

>> thank you.

>> you don't look so bad yourself, pops.

>> there's only one.

>> thank you. thank you.

>> i think one of the things is when we drink wine, we don't just drink wine. we do what we call a jerry pour.

>> we jerry-ize it.

>> yeah.

>> can you tell us the difference in calories?

>> here's the thing. one serving of wine a day for women is healthy, but one search serving equals five ounces.

>> that's just wrong.

>> most people don't realize how little five ounces is.

>> show us. let's see.

>> come on, guys. show us, please.

>> all right. that's what you are supposed to have.

>> there's what you are supposed to have. that's the healthy --

>> which one?

>> oh, that's ridiculous.

>> you know what --

>> i don't know. it's not our fault. jerry does the pouring.

>> there's 120 calories in five ounces. more like 250 in the jerry pour.

>> wow.

>> we like the jerry pour.

>> that adds up to a lot. if you gave up that ten ounce pour, you could get -- you could eat instead a lot of good stuff.

>> 5,000 calories, you said.

>> yeah.

>> let's bring out -- all these cute guys are from fly wheel, and these are some of the things you could have instead of wine. for 250 calories eight cups of popcorn or whole grain chips and salsa.

>> no thank you.

>> if you want something fatty or sweet, half a cup of ice cream or small order of fries.

>> now, what would you choose the vino over all that stuff, kath?

>> i would probably go with the chips and salsa or the popcorn.

>> that is good to know. that's a lot of popcorn.

>> about the same amount of calories.

>> thank you.

>> all right. champagne is something we enjoy.

>> champagne.

>> you more than i do, hode.

>> right. tell us about the healthy equivalents if we want to give up champagne?

>> about 80 calories a glass. most people have two. for that you could have a fillet minion.

>> what?

>> yep.

>> and bacon?

>> or three and a half strips of bacon.

>> what's the other almonds. what else? macaroni and cheese .

>> right.

>> all right. it puts it in perspective.

>> it sure does. it definitely does. thank you.

>> your liquid calories don't make you feel full, so you don't even know that you're -- you know, that you're drinking your calories.

>> let's talk about sangria because that is so fruity and delicious are but if you decided not to have the sangria --

>> 300 calories. you could have your whole lunch. tuna salad , turkey and cheese sandwich on whole wheat or a slice of pepperoni or chocolate cupcake.

>> you know what, these are all -- you know what, it is pretty cool. we're giving up wine for the show, and during that hour of television we could save a lot. are you guys really walking around with wine?