TODAY   |  January 08, 2013

Brooke Burke-Charvet on cancer battle

“Dancing With The Stars” host Brooke Burke-Charvet talks to TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda about how physical fitness helped her recover from thyroid cancer, and her new Fitness DVDs “Brooke Burke Body: Sexy Abs,” and “30-Day Slim Down.”

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>> probably best known as the hit show " dancing with the stars " but the busy mother of four has been showing off some moves of her own recently.

>> yes, she's helping women, especially those with little time on their hands. slim down and shape up in just 30 minutes a day. she has two new fitness dvd 's out.

>> one is just not enough.

>> we need more brooke. brooke burke 's body. and the 50-day slimdown.

>> we heard about your health scare.

>> it was quite an end of last year. celebrating life now, i'm feeling great. just a little scar.

>> you know what --

>> you didn't even notice?

>> who looks at your neck?

>> you had thyroid cancer . how did you discover it?

>> regular physical. amazing. it's all about preventive health.

>> sure is.

>> tiny little lump. i had a complete thyroidectomy. it's been only a month. kind of crazy to be here talking fitness and cancer at the same time, but --

>> that can be such a huge part of your recuperation and your recovery completely.

>> absolutely. exercise is for the mind, body, soul, for the stress, everything. not being able to work out while i was recovering --

>> must have been hard wrash.

>> it was really, really tough. it affects our mood, our stress, everything. forget about the body.

>> you have -- how many kids? four children?

>> four kids.

>> part of the reason why i designed this and choreographed this dvd is it's 30 minutes or less. it's intense. i'm going to show you some moves. lots of bootie burning. lots of cardio.

>> when it came to your kids and illness, i think a lot of people that go through things wonder what the right approach is and how to talk to kids. how did you end up doing it?

>> such a good question. i wanted to wait a while for the kids because i didn't have my surgery for several months.

>> sure.

>> my 6-year-old actually -- she turns 6 today.

>> happy birthday to her.

>> i'll be home by tonight. she actually saw a little snip et of the video that i published myself, and she just said, mommy, you're having surgery, and you didn't tell me, and i don't know that they really could understand the concept of cancer, but she was very supportive. i'm going to go with you and go to all your appointments. my older girls had a harder time. i think with kids it's about being honest, being thorough. doing your research and sharing your facts and sharing it with them.

>> sharing with them as little as you need to.

>> i kept saying i'm going to be okay. i have a little lump, and i'm going to have it removed, and mommy will be just fine.

>> will you show us your dvd ?

>> i will.

>> do you have to get off these?

>> let's get off these.

>> since we have to.

>> let's go have some fun.

>> okay.

>> lots of core. the whole dvd is made to incorporate --

>> i don't even want to -- don't stand next to me. please.

>> every move is incorporating a body part . let me show you what one of the moves looks like. abs are in, tummy tight the whole time. you take it up right here and all bootie right here. 90 degrees on the knee. watching your knee. breathe. all the way down. you should feel it in the thigh, in the abs. you should feel it in the buttocks.

>> how many moves?

>> we do it for about 35, 45 seconds.

>> grab the weight. let's do this. tummy in.

>> these are wimpy weights.

>> not too bad. three pounds is right. raise your knee. draw your belly button in. find your balance.

>> oh, come on.

>> in case you fall out of it. stretch and lift your leg and squeeze the gluts. can you do it. it's hard. you can fall out of these. find your balance.

>> i don't have --

>> can you do it. strong core. down, shoulders, booty. lift.

>> that's not funny, mark. all right?

>> this is called the booty burn. go.

>> all right? flex your foot. we just lift up, up. high as you can. up. squeeze the booty. booty burn. pulse it out. fast, fast, fast. you got it. you got it. you got it. tighter, higher.

>> how many calories have we burned?

>> i'll do the other leg because i can't do it anymore.

>> lift up. up.

>> we love you. we love