TODAY   |  January 07, 2013

24-year-old loses 110 lbs, becomes ringer for ‘New Girl’

24-year-old Adrian Crouch was battling depression at 230 lbs, and even after she was inspired by “The Biggest Loser” to shed 110 lbs, she still felt she was a slave to the scale and afraid of food. She finally found a healthy and happy balance after meeting an avid runner who got her to sign up for a marathon, and now Adrian bears a striking resemblance to “New Girl” star Zooey Deschanel.

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>> time now for another installment of look at me now, i jot fit club zoosh adrian realized she needed make a lifestyle change when she got tired of feeling defeated and wanted to live a fulfilling life. let's look at her story, which will probably be in hoda's income book.

>> any mi name is adrian crouch. i'm a 24-year-old girl who used to weigh 230 pounds. i started gaining weight at the tender age of 10. as the numbers went up, my quality of life went down. i was alive, but i wasn't living. i didn't realize my weight was a problem until i was diagnosed with high blood pressure at 16 years old. in high school i allowed myself to be bullied into silence. i felt ashamed, worthless, repulsive. i got through the day by painting an obscure smile on my face. i lived behind closed doors and turned to food for comfort. at a whopping 230 pounds i nearly lost all hope until one night in april 2009 . i paid close attention to the biggest loser. because of this show i came to terms with my food addiction . i was inspired, motivated, and more than ready to conquer what seemed like an endless battle. i had to be my own hero. one year later i was 110 pounds lighter and thought that i was automatically destined to lead a happy and healthy life. shortly after i found myself going too far in the other direction. chained to the scale, driving myself crazy with numbers and losing all sense of reality. food was no longer comforting. i was afraid of food until i met a runner in late 2010 . i was ultimately convinced to sign up and run my first race and was hooked ever since. now i can proudly call myself a two-time marathoner and an ultra marathoner. i feel like i was in a coma for 20 plus years and i'm finally waking up.

>> we're joined now by the leader of the joy fit club , our own joy.

>> this is truly a cinder elia story. she didn't go to her prom. she has blossomed into this beautiful, confident young woman who runs ultra marathons. that's more than 26 miles .

>> unbelievable.

>> i have this bracelet. she wore this. it says fearless. she put this on at the beginning of her journey, and she wore it throughout the whole entire journey. losing more than 100 pounds.

>> good for her.

>> what did she cut?

>> she really enjoys cooking. i thought this was great take-away for the viewers. when she uses flour now, instead of one cup of all purpose flour, she uses half a cup of all purpose, half a cup of whole wheat. does not change the texture.

>> it doesn't?

>> it doesn't. it's great. you go half and half . in temz of oil, if it calls for a cup of oil, you can swap in baked goods natural apple sauce . instead of one egg, two egg whites . a lot of things. instead of sour cream, nonfat greek yogurt .