TODAY   |  January 07, 2013

Accessories that fit your style: Keep it simple!

Jennifer Miller, founder of Jennifer Miller Jewelry, demonstrates how to – and more importantly how not to – pair accessories with your outfits, using jewelry that you likely have at home.

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>> hide a little pudge in your belly or you want to show the girls off for a sexy new look, there is an art to accessorizing.

>> here to show us how to do it without doing it too much, you know, doing it overdoing it is -- jennifer miller , founder of jennifer miller jewelry and a doll. i love everything you are all decked out in.

>> thank you, guys.

>> hello to you.

>> fashion maven.

>> when i get dressed, i grab what's there. the earrings that are on the table, the bracelet that's nearby.

>> i know.

>> don't say anything.

>> it usually works out okay.

>> if you think about it, you buy a new pair of shoes, and you think that new pair of shoes goes with everything, but it doesn't. it's the same thing with earrings and a necklace. you can't wear --

>> mix it up. show us what we're doing wrong, jennifer.

>> i have some really great tricks.

>> let's start off with the turtle neck . sometimes a turtle neck , you don't know what to do with it. this is the before picture, and this is kind of the no. what's wrong with what this lovely lady is doing in this before picture?

>> let the turtle neck do what it does. it can be slenderizing and slimming, and the turtle neck can also hide the turkey neck a little bit, if you have ishdz there. what candace has has put on way too many necklaces, big earrings. we've taken all that off.

>> yes.

>> we've given her a classic pair of hoops. think audrey hepburn .

>> you'll never go wrong.

>> we gave her a classic set of hoops, a diamond accent, and a cuff. she's ready to go. let the turtle neck do what it does. there's no reason to over do. less is best.

>> candace, thanks.

>> we all have a v-neck, and on the v-neck, who knows what the heck to put there because there's lots of open space . put a big statement necklace, but you say this is a no. this is what she should not be doing. what's wrong here?

>> there's a lot of space between here and here. precious real estate.

>> right.

>> she's got a gorgeous decollete, so why not let her friends show a little bit. let it shine .

>> let them shine.

>> all right.

>> now let's look at her. her decollette is open and shining.

>> yes.

>> she's --

>> it actually makes her look taller.

>> slimmer and longer because we've put a long necklace on her. that's pointing right down to her slim waistline.

>> we know what you're talking about.

>> fabulous pair of earrings.

>> looks great. thank you.

>> thank you.

>> all right. a lot of people like to dress up in sparkles and stufr, and that's an easy thing to overdo because this is a top or a dress that has this sparkle built in.

>> yeah.

>> she went a little overboard, you say in this one.

>> she looks a little bit like a christmas tree ornament.

>> too much happening.

>> she bought this dress because it had jewelry built in. there's no reason --

>> i love that.

>> i think that's so pretty.

>> there's no reason to add sparkle on top of sparkle.

>> show us the after. what should she do?

>> uh-huh.

>> clean it up.

>> less is more. we gave her a clean pair of silver earrings instead of sparkly earrings. we took off the necklaces. there's no need for a necklace. the dress has a necklace built in, and we also took off her bracelets because if you look at her wrists, she has cuffs that have sparkles on them.

>> so much better.

>> a gorgeous cocktail ring .

>> looks good.

>> adorable.

>> thanks, hon. we have time for our last lovely lady. she's a working gal who is trying to mask kind of her belly area. she's got a belt on. she's got a necklace on. she's got --

>> drawing attention to it.

>> cassie just had a baby, and she's going back to work, so in this shot, as you can see, she's wearing a jacket covering everything. she's wearing a belt because she thinks the belt is bringing her waist in, and she's wearing a necklace that's pointing right to her trouble spot.

>> show us the after.

>> look at that.

>> now we're talking. jacket off. step away from the belt. there is no reason to wear a belt.

>> i pretty much always take it off after.

>> look at the necklace. we put it on her face to draw attention to her face rather than pointing attention straight to her troubled area.

>> let's bring all our lovely ladies out.

>> thank you, jen.