TODAY   |  January 07, 2013

Lohan abuse accusations, Bieber pics in question

Huffington Post columnist Rob Shuter discusses the latest celebrity news including Dina Lohan’s accusations that Lindsay allegedly witnessed domestic violence in their home, the controversy around TMZ’s photos of Justin Bieber at a party, and Bethenny Frankel officially filing for divorce.

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>> that's my song.

>> this is another one of hoda's songs. we're back with more of "today" on this fun day monday. it's time for today's buzz where we get the buzz out of hollywood.

>> justin bieber's scandalous party pics to bethenny frankel 's divorce. the always naughty but nice huffington post columnist rob has all the gossip.

>> hello to you, darling.

>> we open the papers today, and we saw some pictures of dina lohan , lindsay's mom from a long time ago.

>> there's a big scandalous interview that she did today. a big tell-all. she actually claims the reason lindsey is messed up, the reason lindsey is the way she is because she witnessed a lot of abuse, a lot of domestic abuse when she was young. we've reached out to michael lohan to get his side of the story. he hasn't responded, but he did tell "the daily news" that this isn't the way that he sees what happened in the past.

>> there are photos of her with some black eyes .

>> she's the one alleging that -- first of all, if you are being repeatedly abused, get out and spare your children the sight of that. there are places can you go. the other thing is no matter what happened between them as a couple, she at some point -- they're all -- everybody's family eventually has to take responsibility for their own actions.

>> correct.

>> current actions. don't go club about your kids until 4:00 in the morning.

>> which she has been doing over the holidays. today lindsay is in court here in new york about the assault charge allegation that happened here. some people are wondering bets b what's going to happen.

>> justin bieber, this was kind of a surprising picture. there's a photo that tmz had. if you look closely it looks like he is smoking something.

>> tmz claims he is smoking marijuana in this picture.

>> he is holding something.

>> he is holding something in his hand. there's no way you can actually tell what's going on here. however, what's nice news is that a couple of days ago justin did a concert in utah, and before the concert he went to a hospital to see a young fan of his that has been battling leukemia for three years and -- he does not do this because of these pictures. he has been doing this for a long time. he doesn't tell the press about it. the only reason we know is that they took a picture in her hospital room. she put it on facebook.

>> his mom, patty is a dear, dear faithful lady who has raised him under really extraordinary circumstances.

>> absolutely.

>> he knows what's right and wrong, and he said that --

>> he tweeted.

>> yeah.

>> he is on the right path. we have nothing to worry about there.

>> bethenny frankel where sfloosh bethenny has filed for divorce just before the holidays.

>> i didn't see that coming, did you? you're friends with her.

>> you know, i didn't, but i think you don't ever really know what goes on behind someone else 's walls. you don't know.

>> several of her friends say she's doing great. she's filed for divorce. she's working on her new show, and hopefully everything will turn out. her show will be in new york, so at least now her ex jason will get to see the baby because she's not moving to l.a.

>> no one seems to know -- why? there usually is a reason for two people to break up a marriage.

>> surprisingly, bethenny has been very silent about this. this is somebody that is really welcomed people into her life in the past. she did a show --

>> her talk show is going to be all about her being transparent with people.

>> she will find the moment to tell this story, i guarantee you, and it might be on her show.

>> wish everybody the best, but it's very sad.

>> certainly do.

>> hate it when families break up.

>> honey boo boo . she has some bank.

>> her mom is trying to do the right thing.

>> i love this story. she might actually be the smartest lady on reality tv . the mother knows this is not going to last forever. there you go. so the money that they get --

>> and may not survive it.

>> from tlc, which is rumored to be $15,000 an episode, that money is going straight into a trust for the daughter.

>> the baby bottle .

>> yeah. basically she said she doesn't want to be like those -- she wants to be smarter than all those other reality moms.

>> it's going to be a trust. they can't touch it until they're 21.

>> unless they need it for medical reasons.

>> the movie this weekend "the texas chainsaw massacre " was seriously number one?

>> seriously number one.

>> does that upset anybody else as much as me?

>> i can't believe it's beating everything out there.

>> i saw " hyde park on the hudson where the king of england comes to visit america. it is fantastic. fantastic.