TODAY   |  January 07, 2013

Good Housekeeping award-winning products revealed

From denim to dish soap, the Good Housekeeping Research Institute put thousands of products to the test. Rosemary Ellis of Good Housekeeping shares the magazine’s 2013 Very Innovative Product award honorees.

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>>> this morning on "today's" consumer, breakthrough products for 2013 from denim to dish soap , thousands of products it tests as part of its annual very innovative products or v.i.p. awards. editor in chief at good housekeeping. great to see you.

>> good to be here.

>> you don't mess around.

>> we screen them, test them, put them through their paces every year to find new products that do something, whether large or small, that is a game changer in life.

>> we have a few of them here. we'll start with the curling iron .

>> this is the first no hassle curling iron . women in our test group had long hair. it's self winding, goes in two directions. if you have long hair a curling iron is very difficult. this takes all the hassle out. as you can see, it works beautifully.

>> it 's wonderful that it does its own spinning.

>> it's the only one that does that. that's why it won. if you have short hair, no problem. if you have long hair, trying to wrap it evenly and get it around the barrel is hard. this takes out all the hassle.

>> great. you look great. let's move on to the vacuum.

>> it is cordless. no hassle there. innovative thing here is that there is a built in blade. you can see it through the window that cuts the gnarley hair and fibers. you step on this. the blades come out. it cuts it, sucks it up into the vacuum. it's lightweight, not very noisy. this is a great everyday cleaner. what i really love about it, it has two speeds. it also has a handheld vac that comes out right here. it is --

>> this one maybe?

>> that one. no, that turns it on.

>> we get the idea. it's kind of one part vacuum cleaner , one part lawn mower .

>> that's really well put. now if you can make it stay you get an a plus.

>> as a father of a 5-year-old and 3-year-old, this hits home with me.

>> a daughter who is turning 9 today. happy birthday, lucy.

>> your daughter is lucy?

>> yes.

>> so is mine.

>> both of our lucys wear through the knees of their jeans in no time flat. patches are stiff and unsightly. and they peel up once you wash them two or three times. these are from land's ends. that he really hold up and last. it's soft. it doesn't show from the front. they're sewn in the side. they don't peel up. they work.

>> and 29 bucks, last you a long time.

>> they come in several different styles, cargo pants, jeans for boys and girls .

>> especially given the storm we went through here.

>> testers were testing this during hurricane sandy. this is the first at-home emergency lighting system. this plugs into the wall. when your lights go out, you pull it out and not only is it a remote to turn lights on and off but it, itself, becomes a flashlight. this is for the ceiling. this is like for a stairway, path lighting. you can buy additional lights. people testing this when they lost power said it was tremendously helpful, works very well.

>> not unlike in a commercial building where they have commercial lights that come on when you need it.

>> they are required in commercial buildings but not in homes. everybody should have one.

>> this is the method soap.

>> people at method so innovative. they set out to do two things, help to get rid of 80% of the debris in oceans is plastic. they're using 10% of ocean plastic and 90% of post consumer recyclable plastic to make this hand soap . green products don't always work. this works really well. garlic smell off your hands and they're doing a good thing.

>> cleans the dishes and your hands. these are very popular.

>> basically the tablet that doubles as a pc. unless you need a lot of processing power or loading memory. it has a keyboard. it's super lightweight , has a touch screen . it functions very well and does double duty.

>> not cheap, though. 600 bucks.

>> not cheap.

>> i heard of the rear view cameras where you can see behind you when you're in reverse. this is something new, though.

>> it's a right-hand side side mirror . it has a little wide angle lens video camera that plays real- real-time video.

>> watching a demonstration right now.

>> bye-bye blind spot . showing exactly what's going on behind you, especially when you're trying to change lanes. i think this will really cut down on auto accidents .

>> from honda?

>> honda.

>> can you get this in all their cars?

>> no, most accords and crossovers.