TODAY   |  January 07, 2013

Dr. Oz offers three-part plan for diet success

The new year is only a week old, but many are already sick of dieting. Dr. Mehmet Oz, host of “The Dr. Oz Show” offers his insight on how to make dieting easier and more fun.

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>>> back now at 7:43. we are just one week into the new year. some of you may be thinking about giving up your resolution to lose weight . how do you make dieting easier and more fun? dr. mehmet oz , host of the dr. oz show, is here.

>> this year we're bringing alive mr. fat pants. this is his busy season.

>> i know ms. fat pants.

>> miss stretch wear. there they are right there. to get folks to realize they don't have to beat themselves up. there are simple, easy things to do, even in the busy time of year, which it is for mr. fat pants, to get you back to the weight you want.

>> i love that we have chocolate and donuts here. shed weight with food confusion.

>> body builders have taught us that you can use muscle con confusion to build up bigger biceps. it basically means cross train. it works with food also.

>> really?

>> a lot of folks will do the same exact diet plan every day. you don't want to do that. every third day, eat some simple carbohydrates , foods that maybe aren't good for.

>> is that where my donut comes in?

>> you don't want to gup the whole donut down but take a piece of it or someone else's. big glass of water. wash the taste away. the reason that's important, little bit of sugar -- chocolate is a better option because it has flavenoids in it. you burn away calories more rapidly.

>> don't eat the whole donut.

>> the first bite is the best bite. the second bite a little less tasty, the third bite a lot less tasty. after a bite or two, get rid of that by washing it away.

>> avoid food addiction .

>> a lot of people think that growling stomach, headaches, lightheadedness, that's all hunger. it's not. it's a withdrawal sign from foods you shouldn't have been eating. i put two classic examples of this. classic hunger is in the belly. true hunger is up in the chest and head area.

>> really?

>> next time you think you're hungry and don't have a little discomfort in your chest or neck, it's not true hunger. that aching will go away and true hunger will come later.

>> you could literally get addicted to foods like this?

>> no question that things, like wheat products, are very addictive. they don't understand how thin people stay thin. they stay thin by avoiding foods that are addictive.

>> tell us about this plan.

>> it's the best experts in the world. who is better than the best trainers in the world? the ones on "the biggest loser." they brought me the 4-3- 2 - 1 plan. four servings a day of fruits and vegetables. i particularly added pomegranaten to the list. it's in season right now. open the pomegranate under water. you can freeze them as well. squash is a great replacement for potatoes. food that will fill you up, bring you nutrients to your body that you need. three servings of protein. beans have low glycemic index . have eggs for breakfast. you won't be hungry the rest of the day.

>> note to self.

>> note to self. lots of fiber will keep you satiated. everyone out there ought to try in their salads from now on cashew oil .

>> just a small handful. that's the trick to those.

>> you can make oils from these which are lot less