TODAY   |  January 06, 2013

Jenna visits the psychic capital of the world

Most people are spooked by spirits, but for residents of Cassadaga, Fla., they are part of day-to-day life. The town was founded in 1893 with a psychic center, and today nearly all the town’s residents are professional mediums or psychics. TODAY’s Jenna Wolfe reports.

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>>> the psychic capital of the world, spirits are part of their daily lives. jenna went to find out about it.

>>> here is the deal. george colby founded the camp in 1893 claiming spirit guides told him to build a psychic center there. as it stands, it is still there today.

>> reporter: so many questions coming here to kasadega, florida.

>> what teams are many could go to the super poll? is this post sturdy enough to help me? it is a place where the paranormal is normal and where spiritualism is a spirited practice. today, nearly all of the town's residents are professional mediums and psychics.

>> she says the energy is very clear.

>> reporter: one of the medians felt she had a spirit connection. she said to me, you are highly organized. you use it at work and in your personal life . a friend next to me started laughing because i'm known for my organizational skills.

>> reporter: curiosity spiked. i wondered about my spirits. it seemed like they were a tad shy in front of a crowd. so i stopped by with joan piper. she specializes in one-on-one rideings.

>> i have always seen and heard them. i don't know life without it. it would be too quiet.

>> do you see people in this room?

>> yeah. there are a lot of people here.

>> you are kidding?

>> no.

>> fellow first-timer, grace has arrived the first time much like myself.

>> skeptical. it is hard to believe that someone could know your future.

>> that's okay.

>> reporter: after her reading.

>> i am more open-minded, because she seems to pinpoint some characteristics about myself that only my closest friends would know.

>> reporter: time to see what my spirits had in store. so joan took my hand. she wanted to feel my energy. right off the bat, she was on to something.

>> oh, my goodness, gracious.

>> there were a few hits.

>> you could not not work. you could not. so much vocabulary.

>> i get it. i talk a lot.

>> you should be able to speak different languages.

>> there was a miss.

>> i feel like there was a grandmother that passed. on your dad's side.

>> on my mom's side.

>> reporter: this is awkward. medium, victor vogeniz has special looized in seances for over 40 years. he claims he can summon a spirit to move this table.

>> i don't wear any rings or anything. there is nothing to catch there. i don't do anything that even gives a hint of fraud. i let people look at the bottom of the table. we have had this table come up, hit the ceiling and spin. that's what put the scratch there.

>> reporter: as i took a seat at my first table-tipping seance, i wasn't sure what to expect.

>> if the table starts to move, you may have to get out of the way.

>> reporter: after ten minutes, the table slid right into nigh ribs. apparently, a hug from the spirits.

>> a big bear hug.

>> grandma? maybe it is my grandpa mack.

>> there you go.

>> really, my grandpa.

>> talk to him.

>> papa, is that you.

>> did he pass from something in here?

>> yeah. he had lung cancer .

>> i will pick up sometimes this confirmation. i was having trouble breathing. i almost want to be physically ill.

>> if you are going to be physically ill, you should do it in that direction.

>> reporter: the table rushed for our nine-scope cameras. so my producer skeped in to keep them from getting knocked over.

>> maybe my grandmother or my brother-in-law, zach.

>> reporter: with that, the tables tips. no matter what was moving the table, my first journey to the other side is definitely one i will never forget.

>> the question is, do i believe it? i spent an entire day there. do i believe it? i don't but sort of -- i don't know.

>> you are keeping your options open.

>> i'm keeping my options open.

>> a little freaked.

>> i did try to move that table and it was super heavy. you go online and read these things about how tables can be moved.

>> i was a little creeped out watching that.

>> i don't know. i can't handle that kind of stuff.

>> you didn't feel grandpa mack in the room?

>> i didn't. i'll tell you this. they really believe it. it doesn't seem like an act to them. they are truly thinking, hearing, believing, all of it.

>> what do you say?

>> yes.

>> you do?

>> you guys believe in ghosts?