TODAY   |  January 05, 2013

Goodbye to ‘Gangnam Style’?

Psy, singer of the catchy “Gangnam Style” song that went viral last year, said he needs a new single in the U.S. because “Gangnam Style” got too popular.” He performed the song on New Year’s Eve, but suggested that was the last time American audiences would see him perform the hit. NBC’s Andrea Canning reports.

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>>> " gangnam style" was last year's megahit. if psi has his way you may be hearing a lot less of it in 2013 . andrea canning has more.

>> reporter: psi is t isn't so.

>> reporter: all good things must come to an end including the uber viral global phenomenon known simply as " gangnam style." the korean rapper performed the hit in times square on new year's eve, his 35th birthday. that could well be the last time we'll see him do the horsey dance live.

>> reporter: aside from previously scheduled promotional gigs overseas, psi is hanging " gangnam style" up. he told mtv news, "in america i need a new single because " gangnam style" got too popular." too popular is the understatement and not a bad problem to have. the song has been viewed over one billion times on youtube. first clip ever to surpass the one billion mark.

>> we're not even sure if it's possible for him to retire it. it seems like if you pay for a psi concert and don't hear " gangnam style," there might be a mini riot.

>> reporter: in 2012 , it was everywhere, literally. ellen and brittany did it. so did the navy. "snl" spoofed it. from washington, d.c., to new york's madison square garden with none other than madonna.

>> one, two, three, four --

>> reporter: he even brought his signature move to the "today" show plaza. and our anchors had an exclusive " gangnam style" dance lesson. by the end of 2012 , the song had topped the music charts of more than 30 countries. now the big question -- can psi capture lightning in a bottle a second time and prove he's not just a one-hit wonder? only time will tell. until then, the smash hit is only a click away on youtube. good-bye and good luck, " gangnam style," we hardly knew you. [ cheers ]