TODAY   |  January 05, 2013

Dr. Oz: Sleep is underappreciated as a health benefit

“Sleep is the main way we generate growth hormone in our body,” said Dr. Mehmet Oz. “Growth hormone is the hormone that gives us vitality, especially as we age.” Dr. Oz offered specific things that everyone can resolve to do to have a healthier 2013, including mixing up a special green drink. TODAY’s Lester Holt interviews.

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>>> the beginning of the year can be a great time to lay out plans to get fit and feel better. i recently sat down with dr. mehmet oz to discuss the simple steps we think all -- we can take it live healthy in 2013 . my 2012 resolution was to get more sleep. you know, i haven't done a good job. how detrimental is lack of sleep?

>> lester, the most underappreciated health tool we have is sleep. sleep is the main way we generate growth hormone in our body. growth hormone gives us vitality, especially as we age.

>> after a good night's sleep, it's important to fuel up, says dr. oz.

>> have protein for breakfast. egg is my favorite choice. inexpensive, so darn good for you.

>> and dr. oz's next resolution confirms what your mother has been saying all along -- you've got to eat your vegetables.

>> i would make sure half my plate at every meal i eat is full of vegetables.

>> dr. oz gets much of his vegetable servings each day through his signature green drink . a cocktail of fruits, vegetables, and even herbs which he promised me tasted better than it looked.

>> 11 ingredients total, simple to do. when you're done, you have liquid gold .

>> there we go.

>> be honest.

>> no lie. it's good.

>> i think i saw a smile on his face.

>> i did.

>> this is incredible.

>> the key to making resolutions work, says dr. oz, is to make them as specific and realistic as possible.

>> a big fan of new year's resolutions. a lot of folks think they're hokey. but half the time roughly you'll still be doing the resolution by summer. they actually do work.

>> spending time with dr. oz is like watching a bunch of shows at once. very inspiring guy.

>> what's in the green drink ?

>> let me see if i can remember -- 11 things. spinach, celery, mint, parsley, cucumber, i think lemon, lime, orange, something else, something else --

>> pear?

>> no, pineapple. he actually likes ginger, but it's sharp tasting. he puts pineapple in it. and it overrides it a bit. it makes a good tasting drink and pretty much everything you need is in there. carrots, that was another one in there. you can see more on "dateline" sunday, tomorrow night, 7:00, 6:00 central time on nbc.

>>> ahead, a pint-sized music fan who probably knows more about rock and roll than the rest of us. first, this issed itted ed i -- this is "t oday" on nbc.