TODAY   |  January 05, 2013

Winners announced in Nat Geo photo contest

National Geographic magazine asked its readers to send in their best photos. Over 22,000 people submitted their work, and it didn’t disappoint. The submissions included stunning images of nature, places and people. TODAY anchors report.

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>>> agree when we think of " national geographic " we think of those amazing photographs, snapshots from around the globe that grace the magazine covers each month. what happens when they ask their readers to show them their best photos?

>> the answer is you get thousands of stunning image of nature, places and people like most of us have never seen before. this week, " national geographic " announced the winners of its annual photo contest . the finalists were chosen from over 22,000 photos submitted by both professionals and amateur photographers. and here's a look at the grand prize winner. it's called "the explosion." the tiger's name is busada. i think that's how you pronounce it. lives in a thailand zoo. it was taken by ashley vincent after the tiger took a bath in one of the pools in her habitat.

>> the preattack look.

>> the photographer took like 30 pictures. like, this is awful, i'm never going to get it. then the tiger did this whole thing, in one picture she wins the grand prize . not bad.

>> better than me coming out of the shower -- oh! this next photo is a viewer's choice in the nature category. you see why this is a popular picture, taken in kenya. it shows a cheetah and her cub sharing a tender moment. on a related note, cheetahs can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than three seconds. i thought i'd throw that in there.

>> amazing when you see the tender moments and throw in a fun fact.

>> yeah. i'm here for your fun fact.

>> thank you. the next photo was the winner in the "places" category. it's switzerland's most famous peak, the matter homeowne -- matter homeown horn. like a wisp of clouds. i think the cloud is just right from the full moon to make it beautiful.

>> the next shows one of the most recognizable landmarks but in an entirely different way. it's the eerie eiffel. taken on a glmy day. you can see the photos at why don't our pictures