TODAY   |  December 21, 2012

Live from the North Pole: Checking on Santa

There are only three days left until Christmas Eve, the night Santa Claus prepares for all year round. KNTV reporter Bob Redell heads up to Santa’s home at the North Pole (where it is currently 48 degrees below zero) to chat about how St. Nick is preparing for present delivery.

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>> crunch time up at the north pole . we all know santa class has to be gearing up, getting ready for the big night next week. let's get right to nbc's bob riddell. how is the weather? will santa be able to take off on time?

>> merry christmas to you guys. i do know if this career in tv doesn't work out i'll always have a jobs a human muffler. i wish this thermometer was lying. it is correct. it's minus 38 out here. fortunately the humidity is only at 50%. normally this time a few days before christmas eve , santa would already have some toys in his sleigh here. clearly he's holding off. too cold out. the electronics, plastic, doesn't want to get too brittle. as far as those pulling the sleigh, we've been checking in with the reindeer. comet, supposed to be able to fly. can't even walk. look how clumsy he is. cupid, donner, dancer, not worried about them. bli blitzen, been eating like crazy. prancer, no problem there. dasher, come on, your name's dasher. he's just standing there. he assures me everything is going to be okay. they'll be ready monday night. how about you guys, are you ready tonight? thumb's up? thumb's up from the elves. they'll be ready, too.

>> in front of the cameras, apparently. i know you had a word with santa claus himself, an exclusive to nbc, of course. i understand he didn't want to go on camera. he is very busy. what did he pass along to you when you spoke with him?

>> reporter: well, he was, of course, talking about the milk and cookies . that's a big request. but this year he actually is asking for some fruit because of -- i don't know if you are aware, new faa regulations have put weight restrictions on the sleigh. trying to trim this down a little bit.

>> aren't we all? bob redell up in the north pole . thank you so much. tell santa we said hi.

>> reporter: merry christmas .