Image: The flag flies at half staff at the top of Church Hill in front of the Newtown Meeting House
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TODAY   |  December 21, 2012

Moment of silence to mark one week since shooting

There will be a moment of silence in Newtown and across the country to mark exactly one week since a gunman opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, killing 20 children and six adults. NBC’s David Gregory has more.

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>>> the nation pauses for a moment of silence at 9:30 eastern time this morning one week after the deadly sho lly school shooting in newtown, connecticut. the latest step in the difficult grieving process.

>> there is no reason for us to be here tonight. i'm so thankful for everybody that's here. i can't --

>> reporte

>> in utah thursday night, a memorial was held in utah for emilie parker. she was born there.

>> we were coming up the road, started seeing all the ribbons and all your tributes everywhere. a lot of you don't even know who she is. a lot of you never even met her. and to see your love be expressed in that way for us was so meaningful and we were so comforted.

>> like so many other grieving sandy hook parents, robbie parker shared memories about his little girl who loved to go on walks and pick dandelions and heartbreaking details about how he and his wife, alista, celebrated their first holiday without emilie.

>> it was just so sweet to be able to picture her inside there on that small house on 23rd street , picture our first christmas there where all we could do was make homemade presents.

>> reporter: after his remarks, pa parker broke down in tears, unimaginable loss, gripping a father in so much pain.

>> dear family and friends of the parker family --

>> in the days since the heartbreaking tragedy in newtown, connecticut.

>> this morning, president obama posted this video response online to nearly 2,000 people that signed the petition on the white house website, pushing for gun control.

>> i called on congress to take up and pass common sense legislation that has the support of the majority of the american people , including banning the sale --

>> the politics, it's so hard to hear about people in so much pain as we go into the holidays.

>> yeah.

>> it's all over that area and we all feel it.