TODAY   |  December 14, 2012

Letters by Duchess Kate’s nurse revealed

King Edward VII hospital in London insists it was supportive of nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who was found dead shortly after taking a prank phone call to the Duchess of Cambridge, but letters she left behind suggest otherwise, criticizing senior hospital staff and the treatment she received. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> we are learning more this morning about the mind-set of the nurse who apparently took her own life after she fielded a prank call at the duchess of cambridge's hospital. it was left behind in letters. michelle kosinski joins us from london.

>> reporter: it's being reported all over the british press that one of the letters criticized the hospital. also news out of australia that those deejays are getting death threats . king edward vii , hospital to the royal family insists it was supportive of nurse jacintha saldanha after she took a prank call from an australia radio station and transferred it to the duchess' ward. but now her family has serious questions about the way she was treated.

>> you want to know all the facts. if you've lost someone -- if it was you or i, we would want to know everything.

>> reporter: the british press is widely reporting among the three letters jacintha wrote before she was found hanging by a scarf in nurses' housing, with injuries to her wrists, one criticizes the hospital and the treatment she received. another reportedly said how she struggled to come to terms.

>> hello, there, could i please speak with kate, my granddaughter.

>> reporter: and the third allegedly contained her own plans for her funeral. jaci jacintha's family now, with an outspoken member of parliament, is asking the hospital, quote, for the full facts from the time she took the call to the time she was found. in india, where she was born, nurses held a vigil for her. and in australia , now come reports that the deejays have been receiving death threats , that some radio staff have had to move into hotels for protection and some in management have needed bodyguards to be hired. one of the threats reported to michael christian , allegedly said there are bullets out there with your name on them. so this is now an investigation on two continents. here investigateers are looking at the nurse's e-mails and phone calls and may want an interview to to be done with the deejays. while in australia , they are investigating the radio station to see if they might have violated some regulation. savannah?

>> michelle kosinskkosinski, thank you.