TODAY   |  December 13, 2012

Eddie Redmayne: ‘Les Mis’ is ‘breathtaking’

British actor and Tony winner Eddie Redmayne talks about pushing himself for the role of Marius in “Les Miserables,” in which he falls for Amanda Seyfried’s Cosette. Joking with Kathie Lee, who said she’s obsessed with his upper lip, Eddie says his first role was “playing Angelina Jolie’s son.”

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>>> he is a tony award winner who spent most of his career on the new york and london stages, but you probably know him best from the film "my week with marilynn."

>> eddie redmayne will hit the big screen again in the golden globe nominate d film " les miserables ." take a look. i'm full of love i feel no regret cosette, i don't know what to say

>> oh.

>> eddie, we were just saying as we sat down we are your biggest fans. we saw you in "red." when you won the tony, we were, like, yes. it was so good. then we loved you in "marilynn" and here we are.

>> lovely to be here. thanks for having me.

>> a young man. you've already had this extraordinary career. what does this movie mean to you?

>> you know what, i am one of those people that saw " les mis " when i was 7 or 8, and i wanted to be the young kid in it, the little kid, and i hero-worshipped him, and throughout my life the music -- the idea of being a part of the film was kind of breathtaking.

>> i love how you auditioned too because you were on some other film, and you used your iphone as kind of a vehicle to send your --

>> you found out about the casting call .

>> it sounds a bit odd now, but i was making a film in north carolina . i was playing a cowboy, and you have a lot of waiting around time on set.

>> a lot of time in your trailer.

>> a lot of time in the winnebago. i took my iphone and dressed as a can i boy and sang the song. i don't know what i was doing. it made sense at the time.

>> you had worked with tom before, right? you were already friends. did he know you could sing this well?

>> i sang when i was a kid. i haven't sang for a long time, so the great thing about these films is you get the best people in the world to help you. i had a very good vocal train.

>> you listened to hugh jackman sing. you lisped ann hathaway sing, and your big number comes at the end.

>> you keep coming on set and you hear whispers from the crew saying did you hear? it was breathtaking. huge moechlt moment. you knew your song was coming up, and there's a massive weight on your shoulders. i was thrilled once it was over. sdoo how many takes? what tom did is he insisted everyone sing live, and i think that's the absolute key to the success of this. it's so raw and real.

>> yeah. you know, he gave us a wonderful freedom, and with empty chairs at the table, which is a big song, if you have heard it, you loved it. i had 21 takes.

>> well, tom said he took the 21st.

>> how long for the people that don't understand movie-making? how long a process was that, the 21 takes?

>> that was a good part of the day.

>> oh, i'm surprised. all that in a day.

>> it took a lot of time. if i got called out again and had to start over again.

>> at the premier, there was such applause. i got it see you there that night. what was that like watching people watch you?

>> you know what, this musical has connected people so emotionally on stage and if you are a fan growing up and there are so many " les mis "fans in the world, we hoped it would still continue to connect emotionally, and seemingly people are --

>> oh, it's --

>> it 's wonderful .

>> we wish you all the best. may also say i have been fascinated by your upper lip since the first time i saw it. seeing your upper lip this close is -- i don't think i'll ever be the same.

>> you know what, my first job was playing angelina jolie 's son. thanks so my lips. thanks for having me.

>> please come back and see us.

>> les mis opens up on christmas day .

>> we are going to see dad that is are doing