TODAY   |  December 13, 2012

From neon to felt, untraditional Christmas trees

When it comes to holiday trees, you don’t have to stick to the classic green. Chassie Post of shows off her ideas for unique and creative Christmas trees.

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>>> this morning on "today's" holiday gift guide, non-traditional christmas trees . if you don't put up a tree because you don't have space or time, we have non-traditional ideas. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> a great way to ring in the season, a lot of people may be out there getting their trees. there are other ways to do it.

>> tis the season to get creative. if you already have a traditional tree, we have ideas that don't take up any space. you might want to double up.

>> this is on chalkboard paint. one thing that is so great is the entire cleanup is an eraser. it comes in every color.

>> this is by hudson paint and with the chalk, go to town and after the season, write little notes like honey, take out the trash and eat your vegetables and use it all year-round.

>> these almost look like something out of dr. suess book.

>> yes. they're so cute and wacky. we love a modern christmas moment. you can get them at target or decor universe and start at $35. why not?

>> the lights are already on them. you don't even have to do that. that makes it easy.

>> that's right.

>> speaking of lights, here's a great way to put it together. fantastic.

>> airpopartment dwellers rejoice, a no space easy tree. you won't be cleaning up pine needles for two months. just a couple nails and string lights. you can decorate it like a regular tree and put presents underneath it and super easy and very festive in the evening.

>> now, pantome came out with their 2013 color, ungreen and we're celebrating with these trees.

>> these are some of our favorite holiday ornaments. you can get these for $17.50. so mod, so chic. we love these ornament stands. these are really fantastic and from crate and barrel. and this glamorous mod chandelier from crate&barrel starting at $24.

>> this is neat talking modern trends. how about neon lights ?

>> we can't get through a segment without talking about neon. these are from art style innovation and love a tabletop tree if you don't have a lot of room and gifts for emmy's and they wanted to take them home and started making them.

>> last but not least, something you can do with the kids, a felt tree.

>> for the toddler set. you can make it yourself. little ones can decorate these all day long and move them.

>> beautiful ideas. thank you.

>> thank you!