TODAY   |  December 13, 2012

Tasty Greek yogurt toppings: Berries, peanut butter

The TODAY anchors and Finesse Mitchell chat with Hamdi Ulukaya, founder and CEO of Chobani Greek Yogurt, which has gone from having five employees to a $1 billion business in just a few years. They also taste-test some delicious yogurt toppings.

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>>> take with brian williams on nbc. and profiling the yogurt company, chobani. it started, believe it or not with five employees a few years ago and now a billion dollar business and the founder and ceo, here to show us some toppings you can make this stuff. good to see you.

>> congratulations! we're all big eaters around here.

>> we are.

>> it was only five years ago you started this company and now it's a billion dollar business?

>> it is.

>> what's the secret?

>> work hard, make great products and believe the consumer will take it to the next place. that's what we did.

>> what are we looking at here?

>> we opened this store in soho, we tried to bring the yogurt to the next level. you can do a lot of stuff with yogurt. what you have here is blueberry, we call it with walnuts and seeds and awesome yogurt.

>> flaxseeds, right? here is a peanut butter yogurt, right?

>> sorry.

>> i broke up with peanut butter .

>> i didn't.

>> what is this?

>> this is my favorite, pistacio, mint and some chocolate in here.

>> good.

>> this is great, too, savory, cucumber?

>> that's right. this is another way to enjoy yogurt, it doesn't have to be sweet, it can be savory. mint and olive oil and have as a dip. it's delicious any time. yogurt we hear, yogurt is the king. it's to be celebrated. it's simple, pure, high in protein. everything else simple stuff around it. it can be awesome.

>> good luck with the soho store, look forward to seeing your profile tonight.

>> you made a billion dollars?

>> there you go.

>> there is a profile of chobani billionaire with brian williams at 10:00 p.m .