TODAY   |  December 13, 2012

Chris Christie says he’s not too fat to be president

TODAY’s Professionals – Donny Deutsch, Dr. Nancy Snyderman, and Star Jones – debate the hot topics of the day, including Chris Christie telling Barbara Walters that he is fit enough to be president, calling any suggestions otherwise “ridiculous.”

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>>> let's start with presidential politics 2016 . a lot of people mentioning the name on the republican side of governor chris christie especially coming off his efforts in super storm sandy. one thing that jumps out to people is his weight. he was talking about it last night in an interview with barbara walters and she asked are you too heavy to be president of the united states . that is ridiculous he said. how about you, donny?

>> his weight is his image. one of the things people love about him, he's straight talking, doesn't look like a politician and looks like the guy next door that's overweight. the only two questions i have as a voter number one, unless there's a real health problem, you don't have the self-discipline to keep yourself healthy, we need a very disciplined decision-maker in that role. and it's such a physically tasking office, can he do it? you see the transformation they do. it helps his brand.

>> he could not enter the military. as commander in chief, how do you send young men and women into war when you yourself would not be able to enter the armed services . if he really wants to be held president and health is an issue, i want to know who the vice president is.

>> that's the determining factor. if he continues to be obese, we're not talking overweight, he is at the stage of obesity. having been morbidly obese , i can tell you the nice words, chubby, plus sized, full figured, overweight, they might make you feel good but obesity is the issue.

>> a pejorative word.

>> fat seems nasty, however, it may be accurate. but obese is this correct word. and an obese person is, by definition, unhealthy.

>> would you have trouble voting for an obese man for president?

>> if i was uncomfortable with the vice president being able to step right in, because an obese person has much more likelihood of heart disease , stroke, diabetes and issues that can impact in long term health.

>> one more thing about his brand. i have a friend that lost a ton of weight and they lost some of their presence. his weight gives him some commanding presence. it's a very very layered issue, it really is.

>> health problems aren't without precedence. john mccain was 72 years old. fdr was paralyzed for god's sake? should we be worried about this?

>> you can take age as a separate factor. those two mens were at least robust and brains were working and surrounded themselves with strong people. you go back to president taft , who was morbidly obese , we have the question of obesity as ill illness versus self-discipline. and there was a cardinal flaw last year on the jersey shore , a showdown with the average guy going to get a nin ice-cream cone. don't ease ice-cream cones in public.

>> you have an obesity problem, you're the president, get it right.

>> we can't afford to take care of you.

>> it will be interesting to see what he does the next couple of years to get ready for it.

>> the next one. the "d" word covered on " sesame street " of divorce. they covered hot topics, adoption, death, even hiv. right now with a character name abbey cadaby, you will be familiar with, donny, talking about parents living in separate houses. you okay, starr?

>> in 1992 , they tried to do it 22 years ago. i was impressed with what " sesame street " does and focus group of children and find out what the impact is going to be. this time they have a character who has already lived through divorce and see et come out the other side rather than a child going through divorce. it's not the presence of feeling emotionally down because you're losing a parent out of your home, it's now, this is my normalcy. this is my real life .

>> i'm kind of shocked, you've never done this until now. divorce.

>> in 25 years!

>> are you kidding me? let's not give them kudos for this. where have you been the last 25 years.

>> it traumatized the children.

>> think of didn't?

>> i'm a child and my kids live in two separate homes, they shouldn't be able to see their life on-screen because maybe some other kids have an issue with it?

>> that's where they are now, you will see their life on-screen, mommy lives here and i live there.

>> what's the point?

>> the difference is the way they tried to do it was a sad eye'd character who was depressed because -- that's the point. you have to know how --

>> i think it is divorce, disease, death, all parts of life. there is a big d uh here. you can say the four ds. get with it. move on.

>> i love " sesame street "!

>> it's been quite a year for " sesame street ," by the way.

>>> let's move on to our next topic. i will read you oo fina final score from indiana girl basketball. 107-2. artic arlington's score came one in the second and third period. the coach of the winning team said i didn't tell my girls to stop shoot iing but we're not trying to embarrass them or run up the score . what's your take on it? 107-2. should they have called off the dogs?

>> it's a competitive game. if you're going to play competitive basketball or competitive sports in any way, you may go up against someone better than you in any given day. what you have to learn if you don't play sports.

>> how about the 12th girl on the bench who never gets on and who's going to tell her you shouldn't shoot or play hard? the problem is the league scheduling two such absurdly scaled opponents.

>> let's get over it. we have gone through everyone's a winner and everyone gets a ribbon. guess what. it's not real. i'm an indiana girl and grew up in bobbie knight land. this is what hoosiers do.

>> what about sportsmanship? you beat somebody by 100 points?

>> i would give my left arm for the giants to beat the patriots by 100 points.

>> those are professional athletes . we don't feel bad for them.

>> unfortunately there is no good solution. you can't tell kids not to compete and once again, everybody should be 100%.

>> this is life.

>> willie, i know you rode the bench for many many years in high school . you should have a certain empathy.

>> i was on the other side of some blowouts, the two point side.

>> this is indiana , it's our national pass-time.

>> neither school has complained, only us having a conversation about it. the schools understand it's indiana .

>> testy professionals bounce back.

>> it is. you turned around this morning. i'm proud of