TODAY   |  December 13, 2012

Bradley Cooper: Golden Globe nomination is ‘surreal’

The TODAY anchors, along with comedian Finesse Mitchell, chat over the phone with Bradley Cooper about his newly announced Golden Globe nomination for “Silver Linings Playbook,” and he reveals his date for the ceremony: his mom.

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>> we have a very special guest whether just called in, mr. bradley cooper , golden globe nominee. congratulations.

>> caller: willie g.

>> the phone man. please don't start talking french.

>> we may, we may. bradley , we talked about this film. you knew it was something special when you were shooting it. there was talks in all these screenings it would be an oscar favorite. you have best actor category. the film is nominated, jennifer lawrence is nominated, how are you feeling this morning?

>> caller: you guys were great supporters of the film. everyone has been on the "today" show about the movie. it's a small movie and the fact it's getting this kind of attention, hopefully more people go see it. we care so much about the film, amazing to be recognized. on a personal level, it's just surreal. it's completely surreal. i grew up the nerd who would wait to see the announcements, ed helm's face overlining playbook was incredible.

>> it's so exciting. i know, bradley , you're probably already thinking what am i going to wear?

>> caller: you read my mine.

>> bradley , you should wear a kit.

>> that kanye kilt.

>> caller: how great was that concert, my gosh.

>> i have no idea.

>> who will you have go along with you?

>> caller: i think it will be my mother. how can i miss?

>> so sweet.

>> did you think, while you were shooting this thing, you did say to some extent, this would be different than your other work and special. did you imagine you would get this breadth of nominations this morning?

>> caller: no. we were hoping the film would work and shooting it and knew we were kind of doing something something -- we were taking a big swing, the subject matter, the way we shot it, the fact we shot it in 33 days, you hope it will come together, that's the thing you hope for. in my experience, it's hard to tell a good story.

>> you're working with phenomenal actors like de niro , alongside jennifer lawrence , incredible cast.

>> caller: and david oh russell. i got a chance to work with him. as an actor growing up you want to work with them.

>> we should mention weren't you executive producer, mr. fancy pants?

>> and has it all. it must have been surreal to have ed helms , your buddy from "hangover".

>> that's my boy!

>> caller: he opened up with a big joke about the pajamas. he hit it twice. he actually hit it twice.

>> we all struggle with that.

>> bradley cooper , we're so proud of you. congratulations, we'll be watching for you at the golden globes .

>> see you on the red carpet .

>> caller: thanks for taking my call.

>> call any entitlement.

>> just don't call collect next time. kind of weird. m

>>> let's go to our bonus take with brian williams on nbc. and profiling the yogurt company, chobani. it started, believe it or not with five