TODAY   |  December 13, 2012

Predicting the winners of 70th annual Golden Globes

Jess Cagle of Entertainment Weekly reacts to the announcement of this year’s Golden Globes nominees, calling Quentin Tarantino’s “Django Unchained” “shocking” and expressing surprise that “Les Miserables” director Tom Hooper did not receive a nomination.

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>> by jess. your cheat sheet was pretty good, i have to say. what jumps out?

>> i was -- chain" has arisen, a quinton tear tino movie coming out soon set during slavery, sort of inglourious bastards, a really shocking movie but a really interesting one as well. nicole kidman i was surprised got nominated for "the paperboy." she also was nominated for a mini series . she is someone very very popular. the paper boy was a film that came out a while ago. nobody saw it. i thank they respond to nicole kidman a lot.

>> we thought les mis getting a nomination and we didn't see tom getting nominated?

>> it is surprising, such a director's movie. it will make it exciting. les mis will do well and "argo" was a big $150 million movie.

>> at the golden globes they separate the categories.

>> right. they separate the categories in comedy and drama and the academy just does five. last year, the descendants won for drama. george clooney won for actor and drama. neither won oscar. it was jaean jordan that won it.

>> the race just got a lot more interesting. appreciate it.

>>> i remind you, you can see the george buolden globes nbc sunday january 13th and we'll be hosting it right before the ceremony and talk