TODAY   |  December 13, 2012

Christoph Waltz talks ‘Django’ Golden Globe nod

The actor reacts to the announcement that he is nominated for a Golden Globe for his role in “Django Unchained,” calling awards season “totally nerve-wracking” and talking about working with director Quentin Tarantino.

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>>> nominations. chris just got an award. congratulations. how does it feel to hear your name. let's be clear. you've heard it a few times in this context.

>> not in this context. a different context, a new ballgame. i don't know. i was standing up there in front of the monitor and when they had announced four names, okay, i kind of know what i need to do in january any on tv.

>> you're making other plans already?

>> within a split second.

>> i should say applause rang out in our studio when your name was read. quinton tier ra terratino and kind of an up and coming --

>> i know how much this movie has. in terms of the award season, it came in very late. i see it in some of my picking up steam and, you know, pulling off. it's very exciting.

>> i mentioned you are a veteran because, of course, you have the oscar for your role in "inglourious bastards." do you enjoy all of this or is it fun or a little bit nerve-wracking?

>> not a little bit nerve-wracking, totally nerve-wracking. having said that, not that i don't enjoy it, not that i enjoy having my nerves wracked. i wonder how it will feel second time around. maybe i have calmed down a little bit and have a slightly more distinguished perspective. i don't know.

>> you had such an interesting role in this piece. you're a dentist, but, really, you're a bounty hunter, not exactly healing the sick. what did you like about this character?

>> when quenton writes a character, in this case, i have to interject. i was allowed to kind of follow the genesis. he actually let me peek over his shoulder as he wrote it?

>> you would come to his kitchen table basically?

>> not basically, literally.

>> you've kind of been inside the mind of quenton keratter terratino?

>> on the pages, literally. i saw this character get more colorful and fleshed out and become a person. it was sensational.

>> it was an interesting portrayal, on the one hand, he's a bounty hunter and ruthless killer, and it comes across you play him as almost gentle and in some ways the moral voice who says slavery is outrageous.

>> i'm glad you're saying that because that was the intention, absolutely a moral voice, some what unusual moral at times but not negligencessarily unfounded.

>> we will see you. congratulations on your nomination. jenning jo