TODAY   |  December 13, 2012

Rossen Reports: More kids injured by falling TVs

Flat-screen TVs are falling in price, which means that many will be buying them over the holidays, but new numbers are showing more kids than ever are being injured and even killed by falling TVs and other heavy furniture. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reports on how you can keep your kids safe.

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>>> we're back now at 7:42. this morning, on rossen reports. a hidden danger for parents and children. jeff rossen has more on this. good morning.

>> hi. we're talking about tv sets . flat screens are dropping in price which means many of us are out there buying them. who would ever think they're dangerous. exclusive new numbers out today parents should see. more kids than ever are being killed by tvs and furniture falling on top of them. a child is rushed to the hospital every 45 minutes in this country. this morning, the simple thing you can do right now to prevent this. a frightening crash. a thunderous boom.

>> can you imagine a child under that?

>> a nightmare becoming so common, safety experts and the federal government issuing these alarming new reports today. according to the safety products safety commission, 37 kids were killed from tv furniture and appliance tipovers last year alone, up a shocking 37%. another 23,400 children rushed to emergency rooms . kate is president of the watchdog group "safe kids".

>> reporter: how does this happen?

>> tvs like this have a narrow base. kids are curious, come over, grab them, wobbles and falls right over on a child.

>> reporter: she says many parents keep flat screens on stands, sitting on furniture, an invitation for danger.

>> look how easy this is for this to fall on a child.

>> reporter: and that's the mistake. now, there's a new problem. what to do with those heavy tube tvs .

>> a lot of people taking old tvs and moving them into basements like this or kids' bedroom.

>> they're up on a high dresser. kids reach for the remote, climb up on a drawer and pull the drawer out and there it goes.

>> reporter: the impact study shows the same as a baby falling from a 10 story window. it happened to 2-year-old chance bowles.

>> the last thing she said to me was, i love you momma. that was it.

>> reporter: mom was in the next room, when her cute little girl pulled out the drawers and climbed up on this dresser. in just seconds, it all came down.

>> just that simple we never thought about, is what took her away from us.

>> reporter: so how do you protect your kids? flat screens should always be mounted on the wall, secure, at the very laoeast experts say buy a special strap like this an attach your tv and dresser to the wall. those straps cost less than $20. for those old tube tvs ?

>> reporter: this is how it should be?

>> this is how it should be, low and table piece of furniture.

>> reporter: below my knee.

>> below your knee. looks great.

>> reporter: at vice that may have saved many children and perhaps this 2-year-old girl.

>> we don't want you to take the chance on losing your baby like we did ours.

>> the tv manufacturer's group told us it is committed to safety and consumers should always properly secure their tvs . another thing to do before you go to work, a lot of us keep our cell phone and toys on top of our dressers. that is a bad idea, matt. n anything your child can grab, keep it low or completely out of sight.

>> when people look at flat screen tvs , they're often so thin they think they're not really haeavy, they're really heavy.

>> and a 50 pound tv versus a 25 pound child