TODAY   |  December 12, 2012

Larry King on new online-only show

Talk-show host Larry King joins TODAY’s Kathie Lee and Hoda to talk about his new digital show, “Larry King Now,” and how he is transitioning into the world of webcasting.

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>>> hold on to your suspenders, we have a true broadcasting legend in the house.

>> that's so sweet of you, hoda.

>> for more than two decades, larry king was a staple on tv.

>> he's still going strong with his show larry king now that streams on hulu and aura tv. he welcomes another talk show host .

>> i thought we were going to see a clip. welcome.

>> shawn is in the house.

>> shawn , his beautiful wife is with him too. jeff in that clip goes on to thank you and regis for his career.

>> he does, he was also very frank his talk show he didn't think was doing that well, he didn't like the suits. they were telling him to do one thing, he wanted to do another. that's a thing in television we don't face on the internet. we are the suits.

>> you can do what you want.

>> is it liberating now to be at this point?

>> it's very different. we got a good partner in carlos slim .

>> deep pockets.

>> a lot of people at cnn are with me, wendy, our producer.

>> she's been with you for how many years?

>> jason is here.

>> shawn is instrumental getting this thing launched.

>> carlos slim said what can we do together, and she came up with an idea why don't we have a network on the internet. build beautiful studios in glendale.

>> obviously, not having trouble getting guests.

>> no, been to the ballpark. matt kemp of the dodgers.

>> you're a trail blazer in that. a lot of people are unfamiliar with hulu.

>> got to get them used to it.

>> it's tough to get people who were used to watching larry on the television to open up their computer or phone, but it's everywhere.

>> i don't think i've ever told you that when my daddy was quite ill and dying the last few years of his life, he looked forward to 9:00 every single night, my larry's on.

>> that is really sweet.

>> i want to thank you on behalf of my daddy.

>> always makes me feel good. then we formed -- a long time ago, formed the cardiac foundation. when i had a heart attack and bypass surgery, wondered what it cost, i was covered by insurance, what about people who weren't insured. formed this, shawn came the president, my son larry king jr. bought his own business, he's the chairman of the board.

>> shawn is busy, by the way.

>> wonderful holiday cd i listened to yesterday. shawn sings the first song and last song, celine dion , michael buble .

>> let's listen. crank it up. she's such a good singer. call any other day just another day

>> keep it rolling, you guys. i want you to hear this next note she hits.

>> isn't that nice?

>> can i say something?

>> it was a little flat.

>> shawn , we have a question for you, why do you not sing out in public more, and your own husband asked this question.

>> she's recorded for willie nelson , opened in vegas and atlantic city . she sung for years.

>> what's the answer?

>> the answer is, i've been busy being a mom and being a wife, and that's really where my heart is.

>> she's coming back.

>> i'm coming back.

>> your life changes, don't you feel like? you don't care about the same thing right now.

>> she should sing, because to me, to me, what i hate, hate --

>> don't look at me.

>> is wasted talent . talent that's great and doesn't offer themselves, because the public should be hearing her. she has a terrific voice and great stage presence and great personality. i hope now this album is getting around, doing very well.

>> your boys get the blessing of having their mom, too, which is incall kaable and priceless.

>> boys get the lullabies.

>> merry christmas . happy hanukkah .

>> it's everywhere. hulu and ora tv. merry holiday to everybody.

>> i want to tell you what's coming up. hey, no-bake appetizers and desserts. you're going to love this. shawn is going to cook.

>> say hello, poughkeepsie.

>> poughkeepsie, what's your question?

>> little inside joke. of bad odors in a home. some