TODAY   |  December 12, 2012

KLG on Hathaway: She’ll wear ‘a thong next time’

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb talk about hot topics of the day, like Anne Hathaway’s wardrobe malfunction and Drew Barrymore’s new baby, Olive.

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>> hello, everybody, it's wines day wednesday, the middle of your week, it's december 12th , that means it's 12-12-12 today.

>> there's a little girl outside that's turning 12 today.

>> it's a child. happy birthday to them.

>> yes, it is. all right, there's been a little controversy that happened. i went to the premier and ann hathaway came, she looked gorgeous, red carpet , lots of paparazzi and stuff. when she got out of her car, her limousine --

>> there's another picture we don't want to show.

>> it's one of those oops pictures where you get out of your car.

>> cut to the chase , hoda.

>> she didn't have any undies on.

>> there were tons and tons of paparazzi.

>> she was on our show today.

>> all kinds of oscar buzz for her performance. she lost 25 pounds for it. she's really quite moving and brilliant in this role. the last thing she wants to be talking about at this point is something unfortunate.

>> here's the thing, i thought she handled it really, really well. let's listen to what she said.

>> i was very sad we live in an age where someone takes a picture of another person in a vulnerable moment and rather than delete it and do the decent thing, sells it. and i'm sorry we live in a culture that can modify sexuality of unwilling participants.

>> very smart of her. she got right back into it.

>> class act, that one.

>> when you are in the news, you have to bring up the subject. i'm sure the last thing matt wanted to do was ask her about it as well. but it was handled fine. it's over. when we see somebody else nameless, not you, another person, some people do that for publicity because their careers are not going well, they need attention. she did not do this for any kind of publicity, her career is just fine. she probably learned a lesson, too. she'll probably put on a thong next time.

>> drew barrymore showed off a little baby on the cover of "people" magazine, this is a first look. the little baby is named olive because --

>> when she was three months pregnant reading the book with her husband, the baby is the size of an olive.

>> boom, that's the name.

>> who are we to judge?

>> we aren't judging.

>> precious little baby.

>>> last night, first of all, jenna bush hager is pregnant, we're thrilled for her and henry. they are expecting a spring baby.

>> it was so cute, because earlier on the show today, her parents called and already knew she was pregnant, but let's listen to a little bit of that.

>> mr. president, you, obviously, are going to be a first-time grandfather, how excited are you about this happening?

>> fired up. looking forward to it.

>> president and mrs. bush, what do you want the grandchild to call you?

>> sir.

>> very cute.

>> they are an absolute beautiful family. moments like that, you see their interaction, the humor, it's delightful. we're so happy for them.

>> we sure are.

>> i was happy last night for frank, he was inducted in the sports broadcasting hall of fame .

>> he's in everything.

>> he found out he was going to be in it, aren't i in that? it was also george boddenheimer, ray dolby of dolby sound, cory lig lig lightlibel. he was really a trail blazer in hand-held camera. and paul taglibue, jack weir, so i was proud of frank gifford .

>> is he tired of getting awards? he's always getting something.

>> it was their sixth annual. i thought, what took them so long?

>> something big is going to happen on our show today. doesn't happen every day.

>> i have to take off my earrings.

>> kathie lee gifford is going to get her haircut by a gentleman, we want you to say hi.

>> hello, edward .

>> he has a unique way of haircutting.

>> it's very edward scissor hands .

>> watch and learn. okay?

>> okay. he does a dry cut, and edward , it's so nice to see you, you cut my hair how long ago? couple of months?

>> three, four months ago.

>> this all happened. you want to put the thing on, kath?

>> no, unless jerry wants to make $100. come on over, jerry, let's make $100. talk to us, edward .

>> what's going to happen is i cut hair dry. we're going to see a little bit of flavor.

>> do your thing.

>> i'm going to do my thing.

>> crank the music as we do. and go. you picked this song, too.

>> yes, rolling stones . good song to cut with.

>> can't you do something i recorded?

>> no, that was not going to happen. as you're snipping away, pretty soon the magic is going to start happening. but as we're talking about this, we want to say good-bye to trevin, because you're not the only one getting cut. trevin from "the voice" got cut. remember trevin?

>> he's got a big life and career ahead of him. very talented kid. did he have an off night or what?

>> america voted, i think america voted, and that was what happened. anyway, there are three left. it's going to get juicier and juicier.

>> i think it's going to be the cassidy pope.

>> i think you might be right. as we're watching edward , got to keep an eye on this hair. how much are you cutting, hon?

>> i took about an inch off.

>> an inch, hello. kathie, we didn't ask what you wanted.

>> whatever.

>> i've been cutting kathie's hair the last couple of weeks, i noticed she needed at least that off. i watch you every single morning with my coffee.

>> you've got eight salons around the world.

>> nine in the united states and nine going up in india. china's going up some more.

>> how honored am i, you are here?

>> hello. and what's funny, when he starts cutting, initially it looks like the way anyone might cut it, but then something crazy happens.

>> he's an artist. got to let an artist go.

>> what's happening in this portion?

>> right now i'm adding slices into the frame so the frame stays piecy.

>> piecy, that's what we like.

>> we're going to talk about the next topic, okay, because this happens sometimes. have you ever been walking down the street and get your heel stuck in a grate and you end up losing your heel or something happens?

>> and you feel like an idiot.

>> the british railway network wants to help women. these are some videos what happens with women. you have to be very careful when you are walking.

>> she's a little drunk, these two. these two are drunk.

>> we know that's not great. i don't know how this is a teaching tool.

>> that was actually me and hoda. [ laughter ]

>> right after the show.

>> right.

>> so have you ever, you know when you see the people who decorate their homes with crazy christmas lights and you're a little envious, i wish i would have spent that money and time to do something like that?

>> i never feel that way.

>> an arizona woman did. look at the house, okay, look at the house with lots of lights. and then look what the person next door did. can you see it? ditto with an arrow.

>> saved a lot of time and expense.

>> now we want to crank the music. i think the magic is going to start happening. and go, crank it up as you can. ready and go!

>> give him room.

>> go, go, go.

>> he's cutting hair. it's flying off. look at it.

>> i'm going to look like you pretty soon.

>> careful!

>> yeah!

>> the end result is terrific.

>> it's got shape, it's got length. lovely.

>> thank you, edward !

>> can we say a big thank you, guys, to our wonderful staff here at the "today" show? you guys threw such a nice lunch yesterday for me.

>> hoda, i was wondering if you were going to bring that up.

>> thank you so much. anyways, it's a big thank you. it was five years since breast cancer , so we all came out and celebrated. it was a beautiful menu christine picked, so thank you.

>> oh, my god.

>> everybody signed my own little menu.

>> jen miller was there as well, thank you to her gifts as well. she has to sign it too so it's complete.

>> thank you, guys, so much.

>> we're all grateful for us living in a world that has hoda woman in it.

>> that's nice, thank you.

>> many, many years of health and happiness.

>> hey, ms. sara.

>> sara's got some presents.

>> last chance to win. the sweepstakes ends today, december 12th , so don't wait. go to for the details. this is a big gift. don't have to do any work, just log on and put your information in.

>> he's amazing. thank you very