TODAY   |  December 12, 2012

Bon Jovi, Kanye to appear at Sandy relief concert

Harvey Weinstein, James Dolan, and John Sykes, the three producers responsible for putting together “12-12-12: The Concert for Sandy Relief,” a star-studded celebrity benefit to be held at Madison Square Garden tonight, chat about the event, which will feature a wide variety of music legends.

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>> a huge night in new york city at madison square garden , celebrity star studded benefit being called 12/12/12, the concert for sandy relief. we're joined by the three producers in charge of putting this monumental event together. harvey weinstein , james dolan , madison square garden company and john sykes , of cheer channel. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> let me start with this list. i've never seen anything like it. billy joel , alicia keys , bruce springsteen , kanye west . how did you get these people in one place?

>> ten years ago, john, jim and i did the concert for new york , which raised $60 million, went directly into the community. $30 million went a month later and over time we raised another 30. people trust robin hood , the company that will defray all the costs. people want to help new york and new jersey. it's the biggest rock concert ever. i promise you, watch it. start at 7:30. surprise at 7:30 will blow people away.

>> right out of the box. a guy who is influential in this city and saw firsthand what sandy did here.

>> obviously new york is my home. i'm a born and bred new yorker. the storm was devastating. we really wanted to help. this is a good way to use the assets we control, et cetera , ask our friends to help and do the most amount -- get the most amount of help for those victims.

>> john, do i have the numbers right, something like 2 billion people could see this tonight is this.

>> 2 billion reach around the world, a lot different than ten years ago when we just had radio and television. you didn't have facebook ten years ago. you didn't have google. you didn't have youtube. unbelievable new platforms. we discovered the show and found out ways to give. be able to touch africa, china. the response, support for america has been amazing.

>> real quick, harvey, how many phone calls did you have to make to pull this together?

>> we all made a lot of phone calls but when adam sandler gets through singing his song, no one will think of sandy the same way. it is so raunchy and so wrong that sandy will get hers tonight.

>> she's got it coming.

>> the storm is in the garden.

>> harvey weinstein , james dolan , john sykes , thank you.