TODAY   |  December 11, 2012

Tupperware donates water bottles to toy drive

Rick Goings, CEO of Tupperware Brands, is donating water bottles and lunch boxes to the TODAY toy drive to support healthy living. He sits down with Kathie Lee and Hoda to talk about his passion for the Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

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>>> we have some very special people visiting us for the toy drive. is he with us almost every year rick going, and he is also on the board of directors of the boys and girls club with america, and here with him is an incredible young woman , trey dudley, who is the organization's national youth of the year.

>> second time with us as well.

>> you're becoming a regular.

>> you keep coming back every year. this is your 12th or 13th year?

>> 12th year.

>> okay. why is it important for you to continue to come back?

>> well, the partnership between "the "today" show" and boys and girls club of america , i think we have distributed almost $80 million in toys. we distribute them out there through the clubs. that's something we do at tupperware. we come up with toys every year.

>> that's awesome. what do you have there, trey?

>> it's the shape thing.

>> you pull the shape says out.

>> put them back in. i used to have one of these when i was a kid.

>> kids learn. the boys and girls club has been great for you. what have you gotten out of it?

>> everything. everything. kind of been prepared for my future. i grew up in a single parent home. my father was abusive towards my mother, and i kind of had to be that care giver in the beginning doing dishes, taking care of my siblings, but when i went to boys and girls club , i got my childhood back, and i was able to be a kid and do the things that kids are supposed to do and i had positive role models to help me.

>> every kid deserves a childhood, don't they many.

>> what are you giving away? what are you giving this year?

>> we are giving -- this is actually a backpack, but it's actually a lunch kit . it's basically --

>> got --

>> all the right kinds of things in there. by the way, this one is for a boy, but we've got little kitties for girls. by the way, the shape-o, i think if you took all those we've given away or sold, it would go from here to paris.

>> well, thank you.

>> you know what, it ain't your grandma's tupperware anymore. come a long way. our toy drive continues through december 21st , so if you are in new york, come to the plaza and donate a gift for a child up to age 18. you can also donate on-line, visit our website for all the details.