TODAY   |  December 11, 2012

Uppababy gives TODAY toy drive $150K in baby products

Bob and Lauren Monahan, the husband-and-wife team who founded Uppababy, announce the company’s $150,000 donation of strollers, baby seats, and more.

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>> to thank unwith of the many, many companies contributing to our toy drive, the husband and wife team, founders of upper baby. welcome, guys.

>> thank you.

>> so great. what are you donating for our charity today?

>> we are donating 300 upper baby cruise strollers, newest strollers.

>> they're great stolers used by celebrities to everyday people. why did you want to be part of this?

>> we feel it's important to give back to families in need.

>> where did that name come from, up a baby.

>> my daughter always wanted to be picked up, uppa. we struggled for a name and that worked perfect.

>> bob and laura monahan, thank you so much for your donation. we still need everyone's help. you can donate in person on the plaza or