TODAY   |  December 11, 2012

Turn common household items into beauty products

Milly Almodovar of Cosmopolitan for Latinas shares uses for common household products that might surprise you, including exfoliating your skin with baking soda and using vinegar to make your hair extra shiny.

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>>> on "today's" beauty, uncommon uses for common household items like rubbing alcohol and coconut oil will work wonders on your skin and hair. everyday products, these things are lying around the house. you don't have to go to the drugstore and spend a lot of money.

>> this is baking soda . we put it in the refrigerator, clear out my drains with it. it's also great for beauty. if you run out of dry shampoo, grab some baking soda but just a little bit.

>> you don't want white in your hair.

>> i have the blackest hair on earth. it absorbs any grease or oil in my hair. i like to use it as a skin exfoliator. they swear it just makes your skin glow.

>> you're going to show us how to make it.

>> right. four pumps of your favorite cleanser, a tablespoon of baking soda . it exfoliates but is not abrasive.

>> right.

>> you'll mix that up?

>> you mix it up. feel that, natalie.

>> it's got a little bit of grit but it's not too much, as you said.

>> right.

>> it's not really going to overdo it.

>> people use baking soda to whiten their teeth.

>> brush your teeth, which is great. and vinegar, uncommon uses for vinegar when it comes to hair shampoo even?

>> vinegar is probably my favorite household beauty item because of what it does to your hair. it's an acid. it seals the cuticle. that means light can now reflect on your hair, which means it looks shinier, healthier.

>> that's why your hair is so shiny and gorgeous.

>> i put vinegar in it last night. white vinegar, you can disinfect your makeup brushes. a lot of people use baby shampoo and that's great but it doesn't have any disinfectant action. you want to grab maybe a tablespoon of white vinegar.

>> okay.

>> throw it in there.

>> right.

>> then maybe like --

>> little bit of baby shampoo still?

>> oops.

>> if you want a demo.

>> use a little bit of -- soak them in there. i like to wash them individually. if you don't have time to do that, then just do that.

>> the shampoo takes away any smell you might be worried about.

>> yes.

>> rubbing alcohol , this is a great trick. our makeup palettes get cracked or broken. you can repair that with rubbing alcohol ?

>> i have kids and they love to mess up my makeup a lot.

>> right.

>> what i do is -- the first thing you want to do is make sure that the powder is just -- it has to be a really fine powder.

>> right.

>> we're going to take a little bit more. make it finer than what it is now. you want it to kind of be even. and then you're going to grab some rubbing alcohol . i like to use 90% but you can use 70%. it's just going to take a little longer to dry. you are just going to saturate the powder.

>> let it soak up in there?

>> let it soak up a little bit, right?

>> okay.

>> and then you're --

>> the purpose of the demonstration, we'll speed it along.

>> you can mash it with your fingers. when i use this, i kind of put plastic over it.

>> you let it dry for how long?

>> two to three hours. these are three i've actually done already. they actually have already been broken and fix ed and look at them. they work exactly the same way.

>> who wants to throw out perfectly good products.

>> right.

>> coconut oil , so many great uses for coconut oil . seems to be the hot oil of the moment. what are you going to show us?

>> latin americas dominican republic , we use it often. it was tested, one of the few oils that was actually -- because it's very tiny molecular structure , it can penetrate the hair shaft. i like to use a little bit on my scalp. not too much, though. don't go crazy. then just put the remaining there. there you go. my hair still --

>> glosses it.

>> right.

>> also if you have dry scalp, which this time of year a lot of people do.

>> right. it's great for dry scalp and for skin.

>> you smell like the beach