TODAY   |  December 11, 2012

Top mail-order gifts for everyone on your list

If you’re looking for an edible treat for your loved ones, TODAY contributor Elizabeth Mayhew has the gift for you. From savory snacks to decadent desserts, she shows off her top picks for mail-order gifts.

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>>> in "today's" holiday gift guide, mail order food items from savory snacks to decadent desserts, elizabeth mahue. a lot of food for you to talk about and for me to eat. savory food gifts.

>> these all have great stories, small companies. they're american success stories. they are delicious, small little pu purveyors. i want to start off by saying that. cheese biscuits. they were so successful she has given up catering and only makes these from summer houf farms.

>> i performed some quality control this the break.

>> what did you think?

>> i've got to tell you, they were excellent.

>> this guy grew up with a greek dad who cured his own meat in his basement. he has followed the tradition from portland, oregon. as i like to say in this instance, porkland, oregon. he adds his own spices. absolutely delicious. get those at

>> are you sending sliders to people through the mail?

>> you are sending sliders. this is from a woman who is from a fifth generation meat family, supplying the meat to all the best steak houses in america. she realized there was a hole in the market for families and has created this line called susie sirloin, 100% natural grass , no hormones, no nothing. send this slider pack absolutely dishes. it's a really fun thing that comes with pork, turkey, beef. they can make them and have a good time. susie's

>> do you have to move quickly on this two weeks out from christmas?

>> the great thing is that these are shipped overnight. get going, though, because they're popular and they're small companies. get your order in.

>> cheese.

>> you ask what make it so good. i think it's the alabama earth or alabama grass, whatever the cows are eating. it's a chef company called bel chevre. they make these cheese-making kits, fun thing to send to the family, especially geared toward kids.

>> excellent.

>> this is interesting. it's in the do it yourself kind of thing. two guys from berkeley, california, sitting in a class and learned that you could grow mushrooms off recycled coffee grounds . it's called back to the you basically get this. it's a coffee ground thing. they actually take all the coffee grounds from pete's coffees. they're recycling and doing good for the world. they send it to you, soak it in water and mushrooms start to grow. there's a little mister. you mist them. you have these delicious oyster mushrooms .

>> two guys at berkeley selling shrums, i got a little concerned but i think we're okay there. how about beef jerky ?

>> al is a big supporter of this brand, crave jerky from a sonomia wine family. he wanted a healthy, low-fat high protein snack he could take on his runs. so delicious. chipotle, cracked bread pepper. they're absolutely delicious. very good for the health conscious gift.

>> also in our snack gifts here something a single mom came up with for kids.

>> i am a huge fan of this. i have been eating these for a year. i hunted this woman down called nuthin but she wanted a healthy snack for her kids. my favorite is the ginger lemon cashew and coconut almond delicious. three dave's bake shop. when they do their pie pop-up shops in san francisco , they sell out within an hour. you can mail order them, pecan pie , chocolate pecan pie . i don't know what these girls put in this. they're so addicting, i can't even tell you. they are brown butter cookies that have sea salt on them. they melt in your mouth. you can't eat just one. check those out. they come in a few different flavors. classic jewish treat, rugala, two sisters who started this company. pearl girl bakery and last, but not least, naughty toffee, putting people to work in the allegheny mountains of north carolina . it's all handmade, naughty

>> good stories behind those companies.

>> yeah.

>> elizabeth, thanks so much. good