TODAY   |  December 11, 2012

Rare December tornadoes slam South

Up to six tornadoes slammed four southern states. In Florida, 40 homes were damaged and 12 were completely destroyed. TODAY’s Al Roker reports.

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>>> of some more severe weather today. al is upstairs with more on all of it. good morning to you.

>> thanks, savannah. first of all, this is what we were looking at yesterday. a lot of tornadoes. up to six starting to form throughout four states. let's start in florida. edgewater, florida. 40 homes damaged, 12 completely destroyed. thankfully, nobody injured. there were a few minor injuries, but nothing severe to talk about. this system causing big problems yesterday. then in birmingham, alabama, that was another site of a tornado coming in, causing major problem to roofs, damaging homes. all in all, six tornadoes reported in the first couple of weeks of december we've seen more tornadoes than we did for the entire month of november. here is what we're looking at now as far as today is concerned. this was yesterday, pushing on through. this is today. we have a slight risk of strong storms from daytona beach all the way down to ft. myers. we're talking about damaging winds, spotty hail. but we can't rule out a possible tornado in this area later this afternoon. you can see on the radar now, storms already firing up. rainfall amounts, we're looking anywhere from three to four inches of rain from ft. myers to vero beach . we'll continue to track