TODAY   |  December 09, 2012

Apple to manufacture American-made Mac next year

CEO Tim Cook, who has been at the helm of Apple for a little more than a year, shared the changes on the horizon for the most valuable company in the world with NBC’s Brian Williams.

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>>> apple's ceo tim cook has been at the helm for the first year. in the first interview cook has made some profound changes at the company and he shared some of that with breion allen. bryan w bryan brian williams .

>> why can't you be a made in america company.

>> the iphone engine is made in america and not only engines are made in america but engines are made in america and are exported. the glass on the phone is made in kentucky so we've been working for years an doing more and more in the united states . next year we will do one of our existing mac lines in the united states .

>> let's say our constitution was a little birch and dm dm called n barack obama called you in tomorrow, get everybody out of china, make everything you make in the united states , what would that do to the price of this device?

>> i honestly, it's not so much about price. it's about the skills, et cetera . over time, there are skills that are associated with manufacturing that have left the u.s., not necessarily people but the education producing that.

>> that's sad. how do we get that back?

>> it's a concerted effort to get them back, and with this project that i talked about, where we do a mac in the united states next year? i think this say really good nother step for us. and the consumer electronics world was really never here so it's not a matter of bringing it back. it's a matter of starting it here.

>> good morning, thanks for joining us here.

>> reporter: while steve jobs liked to avoid the spotlight, he also thrived on it. it was as if he was selling products that were pieces of his own soul. he was inventor, pitch man and new waive pied piper all in one. big loss coming through, big boss , people, look alive. tim cook is just a different guy. while he believes in the almighty product just as much. how are you not steve jobs ?

>> in many ways. one of the things he did for me that removed a gigantic burden that would have normally existed is he told me on a couple of occasions before he passed away to never question what he would have done, never ask the question what steve would do, to just do what's right.