TODAY   |  December 08, 2012

Would you wear Pizza Hut perfume?

In a look back at the most clicked on and talked about stories of the week, Pizza Hut perfume may take the, er, pie. TODAY’s Lester Holt tried a spritz and announced, “I suddenly have a craving for a beer.”

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>>> this morning on "today's" weekly rewind, a look back at some of the week's most clicked on, talked about and unbelievable stories. jenna is here to run them down.

>> some of them unbelievable. some of them quite believable. we'll start with the unbelievable. we're talking canine and cars, not often paired together until now. in new zealand, dogs are not only man's best friend , they are also apparently man's best form of transportation. dogs driving cars. no joke. they're teaching your pets how to handle your cars. truth be told, the whole thing is a publicity stunt by the local spca.

>> no!

>> it's to show the intelligence of rescue dogs . from the video, i am certain they would outscore me on the s.a.t.s. not far behind, cats flying planes.

>> can i just say that dog was a perfect example? he was not texting. it's a lesson for all.

>> but the bigger problem is the fact that he had no fingers.

>> minor detail.

>> some dogs will stick the head out the window with the mouth open, some drive.

>> truth be told, you see a dog driving your car, that doesn't make your day? i love that dog . next up, we all know that crime doesn't exactly pay, but a teenager in nebraska is literally learning that the hard way. 19-year-old anna was arrested for robbing a bank. how did cops find her? it wasn't hard. she told everyone she did it. the youtube video that she posted has her bragging about the crime and flashing a large wad of cash. police say she also texted her ex confessing to crime and asking her to get a tattoo with her. what kind of defense will her lawyers be able to present?

>> she made the youtube video showing off the loot?

>> showing off the loot. talking about the bank robbery .

>> where does the tattoo come in?

>> that's a great idea, let's do it.

>> she had extra money. she pinned down how she was going to spend it.

>> so there's that.

>> you ready for this?

>> actually, no, i'm not.

>> when you think perfumes. erica, you're a fine smelling woman.

>> thank you, jenna.

>> did that come out wrong? i don't think it was awkward at all. you think floral, woody, sweet. for some, nothing says sweet aroma quite like the smell of calories. the folks at pizza hut canada have come up with the perfect scent. i bring you pizza hut , because when you're going out for the night, it's always important to smell like a freshly opened box of pizza. it began as a fun facebook post. then the company was like wait a minute, i smell a way we can make some money. they made a limited number. just a limit bit.

>> no!

>> come on.

>> no!

>> it's your story, you take one.

>> dylan!

>> so i smelled it. i almost gagged.

>> we've all smelled it.

>> right in the eye.

>> it's more like cinnabon or something.

>> i suddenly have a craving for a beer.

>> it's not bad.

>> and we're all finding new ways to market new things. this was one of them. for the person of your list who just can't get enough pizza.

>> there you go.

>> should we move on?

>> let's do it.

>> speaking of cheesy, who did not love john travolta and olivia newton john in "grease"? they have reunited for a new christmas cd. let's just say "greased lightning" did not strike twice. olivia newton john in a slow moving convertible. there's actually some country line dancing in this as well. the budget for the video apparently $12,000. some people love the video. others not so much.

>> what song is this? that song.

>> is that on the new christmas album ?

>> oh, okay. they're not doing anything from "grease."

>> it's a new one. some of the moves were kind of "grease"esque at one point.

>> this whole thing.

>> everything she's been thinking about. she finally figured it about.