TODAY   |  December 08, 2012

Family of nurse in hospital hoax ‘deeply saddened’

In a tragic turn in the Duchess Kate hospital hoax, nurse Jacintha Saldanha was found dead Friday. The nurse’s death has left sadness on the streets of London, and unanswered questions about the circumstances surrounding Saldanha’s death. NBC’s Anabel Roberts reports.

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>> reporter: the death of this nurse, a mother to two children, has meant that the joy initially felt at the news of the duchess duchess's pregnancy, has been touched by tragedy. mourning the loss of a colleague and trend, the body of jacintha saldanha was found close to the place she had worked for the last four years. just the day before, the duchess of cambridge had been driven down the same streets on her way home from hospital. recovering now from acute morning sickness, consumer and their many, many fans were looking forward to the joy ahead. but what began as a hoax turned to tragedy.

>> yes, just hold on, ma'am.

>> thank you.

>> reporter: jacintha was working a night shift when she answered a prank call made by two australian deejays pretending to be the queen and prince charles .

>> could i please speak to kate , please, my gaur?

>> reporter: and she put it through to the nurse on duty looking after kate . at the time, even prince charles saw the funny side.

>> another radio station .

>> reporter: but no longer.

>> we can confirm that jacintha was recently the victim of a hoax call to the hospital. the hospital had been supporting her through this very difficult time. everyone is shocked by the loss of a much loved and valued colleague.

>> reporter: the hospital says she hadn't been disciplined and the palace had not made an official complaint. william and kate 's office said they were saddened to learn of the nurse's death and their thoughts and prayers are with her family.

>> prince william has always had a tricky relationship with the media. he's usually blamed the newspapers. i think now it will open a new can of worms.

>> reporter: the two deejays have been taken off air until further notice and their twitter accounts shut down.

>> our primary concern at this time is for the family of nurse saldanha. this is a tragic event that could not have been reasonably foreseen and we're deeply saddened by.

>> reporter: sadness that is felt strongly here on the streets of london and far beyond. questions are being asked whether the australian radio company broke the law with this broadcast. meanwhile here, the bereaved family here have issued a statement saying we as a family are deeply saddened by the death